Xbox had some decent games in 2022, but I’m far, far more excited for 2023

The second year of Xbox’s newest generation of gaming, driven by the powerful Xbox Series X and S duo of consoles and a suite of new technologies, is quickly drawing to a close. As 2022 fades into a new year (with a screech, not a whisper), many in the gaming community have remarked that Xbox had a disappointingly quiet year devoid of high-profile, “AAA” game launches.

Some of my favorite gaming experiences of all time were with games released in 2022 — including from Xbox. Still, it’s true that Xbox has compressed a drool-worthy lineup of first and second-party games into the next year… at the expense of a consistent pattern of launches in the last 12 months. Two passion projects from Obsidian Entertainment drove Xbox both on console and Windows PC through 2022, with most of the brand’s anticipation focused on what’s coming next.

A year elevated by Obsidian Entertainment “side” projects


(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

2022 has been an eclectic and frenetic year for video games, with dozens of launches from major players and indie teams alike spread across every platform and device. It’d be nearly impossible to argue that this last year hasn’t been a memorable one for gamers, although it’s easier to claim that Xbox’s first-party studios output didn’t contribute much to that overwhelming industry success.

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