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The latest edition of the Minecraft Championship (MCC) 27 was won by Purple Pandas consisting of content creators BlushiMC, FireBreathMan, Bdouble0100, and ImpulseSV.

After dominating most of the mini-games during the tournament, the Purple Pandas were placed in the final against the Cyan Coyotes, featuring Disguised Toast, ItzMasayoshi, BoxBox, and iiTzTimmy. The former prevailed and won the final round, claiming their first-ever Minecraft Championship.

Readers should note that the latest edition of the Minecraft Championship had a special theme and was dubbed the “Underdog tournament” since none of the competing teams had previously won the championship.

Minecraft Championship (MCC) Underdog event concludes with Purple Panda taking their first crown

Purple Pandas won the MCC 27 Underdogs (Image via MCC)
Purple Pandas won the MCC 27 Underdogs (Image via MCC)

Since the latest edition of the Minecraft Championship fell on its anniversary, a celebratory theme was arranged on the server, including confetti, hats, and balloons, making for an extravagant event.

The Minecraft Championship 27 has been arguably one of the most star-studded events, with the likes of Ludwig, Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, and Sykkuno (among others) partaking in the event.

As usual, 10 teams competed against each other for the MCC Coin. Teams comprised of players who have had prior experience with the competition as well as newcomers.

For those unaware, the MCC includes mini-games that test the various skill sets of the competing players, who put skills such as parkour, PvP, building, etc., to the test. The winner is decided through a finale between the top two teams with the most MCC Coins.

Going into the final, Purple Pandas and Cyan Coyotes had accumulated 20,261 and 17,440 coins, respectively. The Red Rabbits, the 3rd placed team, narrowly missed out on the opportunity to reach the finale, as they fell short by a mere 80 coins.

Here is a list of the mini-games that were played:


To Get to the Other Side (TGTTOSAWAF) – won by Purple Pandas

Battle Box – won by Purple Pandas

Ace Race – won by Purple Pandas

Grid Runners – won by Red Rabbits

Meltdown – won by Cyan Coyotes

Hole in the Wall – won by Purple Pandas

Parkour Tag – won by Orange Ocelots

Sands of Time – won by Purple Pandas

Dodgebolt (Finale) – won by Purple Pandas

Which individual players excelled?

Although the Minecraft Championship heavily relies upon teamwork, having players willing to put in the graft is always appreciated. The latest edition of the MCC included some special individual performances.

FireBreathMan of the Purple Pandas led the leaderboard with 3828 coins. Hannahxxrose and FoolishGamer were 2nd and 3rd on the leaderboard, with 2925 and 2832 coins, respectively.

For those wondering how the major names fared – Ludwig ranked 27th out of the 40 players. He collected 1715 coins. Valkyrae was 32nd with a meager 1232 coins.

Viral moments in the MCC 27

With a slew of content creators competing together, several clickable moments were created throughout the competition.

To start, here’s a clip of Miyoung “kkatamina_” clutching up during the Meltdown mini-game. She represented the Green Geckos:

Sam (Awesamdude) and Punz react to Miyoung going crazy in Meltdown in MCC 27

Tina Kitten and FoolishGamer discuss if the latter will come last. Unfortunately, Tina was unable to continue due to internet issues.

Tina Kitten and Foolish Gamers talk about if Tina gets 40th place in MCC 27

Fans also uploaded a ‘Top 10 Plays’ compilation video of the recently concluded MCC on YouTube:


Striking statistics in the MCC 27

The latest edition of the MCC saw the largest difference between the first-placed individual and the last. Between FireBreathMan of the Purple Pandas, the winners, and PaintingRainbows of the Pink Parrots, there was a whopping difference of 3.2K coins.

Furthermore, owing to their dominating performances, the Purple Pandas have now tied the non-canonical record for games won (5) in a single championship by any team.

The next edition of the MCC is yet to be announced. Dates shall be posted on their official Twitter account from MCC creator Noxcrew.

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