Who won Minecraft Championship (MCC) 27 Underdogs? 

On November 12, 2022, Minecraft Championship 27 Underdogs took place. It was the 32nd event in the long-running series and featured ten teams, some of which contained gamers who’d never won an MCC, battling for supremacy.


At the end of the anticipated event, the Minecraft Championship 27 Underdogs’ victors were the Purple Pandas. The team consisted of FireBreathMan, Blushi, Bdouble0100, and impulseSV.

The competition took place across nine different mini-games, with the Purple Pandas and Cyan Coyotes facing off in the final Dodgebolt showdown. With a 3-1 victory in this game, the former won the event in its entirety.

Minecraft fans worldwide rejoiced as many awesome plays and intense moments transpired over the course of the championship. Fortunately for the Purple Pandas, the day was theirs, thanks to the collective efforts of their members.

How Purple Pandas Won Minecraft Championship 27 Underdogs

Purple Pandas' members for Minecraft Championship 27 (Image via @MCChampionship_/Twitter)
Purple Pandas’ members for Minecraft Championship 27 (Image via @MCChampionship_/Twitter)

Each mini-game in Minecraft Championships offers a team a certain amount of coins based on its members’ performances. The two highest coin totals at the end of the nine games face off in Dodgebolt to determine who wins the entire championship. At the end of MCC 27, Purple Pandas won with a grand total of 20,261 coins overall. The Cyan Coyotes came in second place with 17,440 total.

The Purple Pandas’ victory was spearheaded by their fantastic scores in various Minecraft mini-games. The team took the highest coin totals for their impressive performances in five of the mainline mini-games: TGTTOSAWAF, Battle Box, Ace Race, Hole in the Wall, and Sands of Time. By the time Dodgebolt arrived, the Cyan Coyotes had the second-highest number of coins in total.


Dodgebolt is the championship’s final mini-game and the deciding factor for the event’s winner. The stakes were never higher, and Purple Pandas began by winning the first round. The Cyan Coyotes retaliated to take round two. However, this would prove to be the side’s final victory in the mini-game, as the Purple Pandas came back stronger and put on a show with two more wins in rounds three and four.

Though every member of Purple Pandas performed well, the top contributors to the team’s coin total were FireBreathMan and Blushi. At the end of the event, the former possessed 3,828 coins, and the latter wasn’t far behind at 2,753. These two individuals proved to be the biggest difference makers for their team, explaining why the Purple Pandas did so incredibly well in the coin collection race.


Due to the nature of the Underdogs event, each member of the Purple Pandas had yet to win a Minecraft Championship. There’s no doubt that they are incredibly thrilled that they’ve finally secured their first MCC win. Any fans of the team’s individual content creators were likely just as ecstatic, if not more.

The next round of championships should arrive sometime in December, and the community has started preparing for another round of mini-game madness. It’s still unclear which content creators will participate in the next event, but surely it will be one worth watching when MCC 28 finally arrives.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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