Who Won MC Championships (MCC) 27 Underdogs: Results, Final Standings, Scores

An epic tournament between many competitors of an MC Championship (MCC) event ensued on Nov. 12 when 10 teams met in the Decision Dome to battle it out through a series of Minecraft mini-games. However, MCC 27 featured a special twist: the theme of the event was Underdogs, and only those who had never attained victory before in the Minecraft tournament could compete.

The special MCC Underdogs tournament was a unique occurrence that is considered to be half canonical. This means that certain aspects, such as players’ overall canon MCC wins, are canonically counted while others, including the final statistics and scores, are not. The MCC Underdogs winners do still get a treasured MCC coin to commemorate their hard-earned victory.

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Most of MCC Underdogs ran as usual with the 40 competitors participating in eight distinctive Minecraft mini-games designed to test skills like teamwork, parkour, PvP, building, and communication. The top two scoring teams across all eight mini-games then moved forward to a Dodgebolt finale duel to decide who would then claim victory in the MCC 27 Underdogs special event. Regardless of which team scores the most coins overall, the Dodgebolt duel is always the ultimate and final decider of who officially wins any given MCC event.

Dodgebolt is a showdown between the top two teams where they must work to eliminate each other utilizing only bows and arrows as an audience of all other eight teams watches. The ultimate goal for the two competing teams is to successfully outlast and eliminate the other team three times as only those who are able to do this can then be crowned the winners of that MCC event.

MCC 27 results, final standings, scores

Final Winner: Purple Pandas

  • Blushi
  • FireBreathMan
  • Bdubs
  • impulseSV

The final game of the MCC 27 Underdogs event featured a battle between the Purple Pandas and the Cyan Coyotes. The Purple Pandas made it to the finale Dodgebolt duel after dominating and scoring high throughout most of the event. The Cyan Coyotes jumped all around the leaderboard during MCC 27 Underdogs and also had one of the most impressive Meltdown performances of all time with their team breezing to victory in the mini-game with a massive coin lead of nearly 2,000.

In the end, the Purple Pandas ultimately won the Dodgebolt duel with a score of 3-1.

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