Who is Sapnap? Everything to know about the NRG co-owner and Minecraft star

Nicholas “Sapnap,” also regularly referred to as “Nick” or “Sap,” is a creator primarily known for the Minecraft content he creates with Dream and GeorgeNotFound and is the third member of the Dream Team alongside them.

He is also part of NRG and joined the Los Angeles esports organization as both a creator and co-owner in Oct. 2022.

Screengrab via NRG on YouTube

In the realm of Minecraft, Sapnap is known for being a member of the Dream SMP server and was the fourth creator to join it after Dream and GeorgeNotFound cofounded it and Callahan joined just before him. Although Dream and GeorgeNotFound are the ones who started it, Sapnap did still join on the same day it was founded.

Sapnap is a regular competitor in Noxcrew’s MC Championship (MCC) tournament and is one of the Minecraft event’s fiercest contestants. He has placed within the top 10 players in every MCC event he has competed in except for MCC 10.

The Minecraft star is one of only three competitors to have won a canon event more than five times with the other two players being Dream and HBomb94. He has a total of five wins plus a sixth non-canon one in the MCC All-Stars special event.

His MCC statistics are so impressive that he is also one of only three competitors, the other two being Technoblade and PeteZahHutt, to have ever scored over a total of 4,000 individual coins in a canon event.

His highest total in a canonical event was 4,223, the second-highest score ever.

Screengrab via Sapnap on YouTube

Sapnap was the third hunter to join Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt YouTube series and remained a hunter throughout the entire series. His Minecraft PvP skills are regarded by most who face him as rather impressive and he has even been deemed the most formidable hunter by Dream himself on numerous occasions.

Although Minecraft is where Sapnap got his start and where his love for video games began, he is a competitive and skilled player across a multitude of games. He started by primarily playing Minecraft when he was quite young and then became so invested in playing CS:GO that his parents restricted the time he could play on it.

In high school, the next game that Sapnap discovered and spent the majority of his time playing was League of Legends, which he spent quite some time being heavily invested in before he then found VALORANT.

VALORANT is now one of his favorite games and the reason he joined NRG.

Image via nrggram on Instagram

With over 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube and over three million followers on Twitch, Sapnap has amassed a loyal fanbase that always follows him regardless of what he decides to do next.

Sapnap, at a glance

  • Real Name: Nicholas Armstrong
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: March 1, 2001
  • Nationality: 
  • Partner: None
  • Awards: 
  • Org: NRG

What games does Sapnap play?

Although he is primarily known for his Minecraft content, Sapnap boasts quite an impressive roster of games. Minecraft does reign supreme in his streaming schedule, though, with over 290 hours in this category on his primary Twitch channel and an extra 31 on his alternate one.

Sapnap’s next highest category according to TwitchTracker is VALORANT, which has 128 hours on his alternate Twitch account. He also has 29 hours in Fortnite, over 17 hours in CS:GO, and 22 hours in Just Chatting.

Screengrab via NRG on YouTube

Although his streaming and uploading schedule is rather sporadic, he can regularly be found on other creators’ livestreams and channels. He can consistently be found in almost anything starring Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Karl Jacobs, and Quackity, who are among his closest friends, but has also been in quite a few MrBeast videos and can also be seen in content by other creators like Punz, TinaKitten, and Foolish Gamers.

How much does Sapnap make?

In general, Sapnap’s streaming and uploading schedule has always been rather inconsistent. He streamed quite a lot during 2020, but even then his schedule was unpredictable and random. Regardless, quite a few factors can be taken into account to determine a general estimate of how much Sapnap makes.

On his main YouTube channel, Sapnap has 17 videos uploaded as of Nov. 2022. The one with the most views has 23 million while the one with the least has 1.2 million. He also has both a SapnapLIVE and SapnapVods channel with the first sitting at over 877,000 subscribers and the second with over 94,500 subscribers.

Based on what’s known about YouTube earnings, Sapnap likely makes somewhere around $5,000 to $10,000 per month from YouTube alone.

Image via nrggram on Instagram

Sapnap has two Twitch channels, his main one and his alternate one, and his viewer count is fairly sporadic. According to TwitchTracker, he averages about 32,242 viewers but has also peaked with 287,152. His subscriber count varies quite a bit depending on how much he streams during a time period but has peaked at 16,955.

Calculating just how much the Minecraft star makes with the massive unpredictability of his schedule is quite difficult due to these factors.

However, with his Twitch content, YouTube content, the Banter podcast, his personal merchandise shop, and Dream Team merchandise shop, and his status as an NRG co-owner taken into account, Sapnap likely makes somewhere around $75,000 to $150,000 per month with this number fluctuating drastically depending on what the star does during the month.

Where is Sapnap from?

Sapnap was born in Texas. In Jan. 2021, he moved to Orlando, Florida to live with his close friend and fellow creator Dream permanently. The duo then moved again in Oct. 2022 to the Dream Team house with space for the final member of the Dream Team, GeorgeNotFound, to also reside as he finally attained his visa and moved to Florida.

Screengrab via Sapnap on YouTube

Why is Sapnap so popular?

Sapnap rose to popularity alongside his closest friends and fellow Dream Team members Dream and GeorgeNotFound through playing Minecraft. He is known for a wide variety of Minecraft-centric content.

The main piece of Minecraft content associated with Sapnap is the Dream SMP Minecraft server, which is a server that was co-founded by Dream and GeorgeNotFound that features a roster of many Minecraft creators.

The server is known for its unique balance of humor and deep lore and is set to soon begin a brand new era with a second season starting in the near future.

Image via sapnapinsta/karljacobs on Instagram

Outside of the Dream SMP, Sapnap is known for his Minecraft content on YouTube where the star shares challenge-based videos. These videos regularly feature him, Dream, and GeorgeNotFound as they attempt to beat Minecraft with various twists like all mobs being able to fly or the game being converted to 2D.

Sapnap can also regularly be seen taking part in the MCC tournament, which takes place on a monthly basis, and is known by most of the Minecraft community as one of the strongest players all around in the event.

Another reason Sapnap is popular is due to his continuous appearances in Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt series, which fans will also see him return to as the third hunter sometime soon since the group intends to recreate the iconic YouTube series IRL.

Screengrab via BANTER on YouTube

The star also runs the Banter podcast alongside Karl Jacobs and GeorgeNotFound, who are his cohosts and two of his closest friends.

The podcast has had much success and even reigned supreme as the top podcast on Spotify before it fell down due to no uploads for a period of time.

Banter started out with just Sapnap and Karl Jacobs but added GeorgeNotFound as a host in Aug. 2022. The podcast has featured a wide variety of guests including fellow streamers and creators like Valkyrae and Hasan, television stars like Josh Peck and Joe Gatto, and content stars like MrBeast and Mark Cuban.

Sapnap’s most popular YouTube video

The most popular YouTube video on Sapnap’s channel is “Minecraft, But We Are All Colorblind” and features him and Dream as they experience what being colorblind in Minecraft is like for GeorgeNotFound.

As of November 2022, the video has over 23 million views.

Sapnap’s most popular Twitch clip

The most popular clip on Sapnap’s Twitch channel is titled “oh no” and is from the time that he did a stream in which he was shocked in real life every time he took damage in Minecraft. Fellow creators Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Karl Jacobs, Quackity, and BadBoyHalo joined him in voice chat for the stream. The top Twitch clip has over 28,800 views and highlights a moment from the stream where Sapnap is holding a Dream cutout and Dream says “oh no, please don’t hurt me” before Sapnap then punches it repeatedly.

So, what’s next for Sapnap?

Sapnap recently unveiled he had become an official co-owner of NRG and plans to help the esports organization put out content and star in some of his own. Fans can expect to see him be more involved with NRG in the future as he figures out what he wants to do there.

Screengrab via NRG on YouTube

With the arrival of the second season of the Dream SMP server being imminent, Sapnap will likely return to the server more frequently as all creators are planning to be more involved and consistent going into season two according to Dream.

Sapnap has also expressed his desire to make more IRL content, both with more IRL Minecraft content like his “I Speedran Minecraft In A BEE FARM…” video and simply general vlogs with his friends.

The entire Dream Team plans to travel and share vlog content around the end of 2022 and more into 2023.

Screengrab via Sapnap on YouTube

Although the second season of MCC is about to come to an end, the event will only be on hiatus for a short period of time before returning to its usual monthly schedule in 2023 where fans will likely continue to see Sapnap as a consistent competitor.

Sapnap has stated his podcast Banter with Karl Jacobs and GeorgeNotFound will continuously be more active now that GeorgeNotFound has moved to America. The group is working on ensuring they have a studio in both Florida, where the Dream Team resides, and in North Carolina, where Jacobs resides, so that they can keep on a consistent schedule moving forward.

You can follow Sapnap on: Twitch | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

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