When will Warden and Allay be released in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Minecraft is a game that constantly receives new updates and additions. This can range from new biomes to mobs to different types of blocks.

For the latest 1.19 update, the Wild Update, players will be introduced to new mobs. The Warden and the Allay are fantastic additions that offer something different for everyone. But when will they be released?

Warden and Allay be released sometime in 2022 in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


The upcoming Wild Update offers numerous changes and improvements to the world of Minecraft. For one, it provides two unique biomes, the Deep Dark and the Mangrove Swamp.

In addition, it is adding new mobs, such as frogs, the player-favorite, Allay, and the deadly Warden.

  • There is no official statement of when Minecraft update 1.19 is coming out. However, gamers can access the experimental features in the meantime to see these new mobs.
  • The official date for release is set for 2022. However, the date has yet to be determined.

How users can access Allay and Warden early


Players are able to access the Allay and Warden mobs right now on Bedrock Edition. They can do this by ensuring that the game is updated to the latest version.

Once they have updated the game to the latest version, they will need to create a new world. Users must scroll down and select the “Experimental Features” and “Wild Update” blocks on the world options tab to get started.

Finding Allay inside Minecraft


Once gamers have turned on The Wild Update, they can access the Allay and the Warden with these experimental features. Players can head to either a Pillager Outpost or a Woodland Mansion to find the former.

These mobs are located inside those structures, and players will want to give the Allay an item to make it start finding items for them.

  • When users give an Allay an item, it will begin looking for other items of that type. For example, if they give it a piece of Cobblestone, it will start searching for items related to Cobblestone.
  • When the Allay’s inventory is full, it will come up to gamers and drop the items on the ground.
  • Since Pillager Outposts are more common than Woodland Mansions, individuals may want to try their luck with finding a Pillager Outpost first.

Finding Warden inside Minecraft


If players wish to locate the mighty Warden, they will need to go deep underground to the Deep Dark biome. Inside the Deep Dark, they can encounter the various sculk blocks, including the sculk shriekers that will summon the Warden when triggered.

  • Users must head very deep underground between the blocks of Y=-1 and Y=-64 to find the Deep Dark biome.
  • Caves that go down below these values can help lead them into the Deep Dark.
  • Gamers will notice the sculk blocks, a good indicator of the Deep Dark since they only spawn in that location.

Individuals will want to be prepared for a fight with the Warden, as it hits extremely hard, even for those in Netherite armor.

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