What’s new in Minecraft update 1.20? | Everything coming in Minecraft’s next big update

Although the sandbox block game Minecraft has been around since 2011, it continues to dominate the gaming space and receives consistent updates from Mojang to expand upon the plethora of content within it. The Minecraft universe was teased to be growing once more during the Minecraft Live 2022 event.

Minecraft Live 2022 showcased a deep dive into the upcoming game Minecraft Legends, unveiled a new Entity Wizard tool that allows players to create their own Minecraft mobs, commemorated a Minecraft legend, shared some new Batman downloadable content, highlighted some new Minecraft Dungeons content, revealed the mob vote winner, and teased the future of Minecraft by announcing the next big update.

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The last big Minecraft update was version 1.19, which was the Wild Update featuring the arrival of the Warden, the deep dark biome, ancient cities, frogs, tadpoles, mangrove swamps, and a plethora of other small additions within these big changes. This huge update was released on June 7, 2022, and Minecraft hasn’t had any massive content updates since.

During the Minecraft Live 2022 showcase, it was revealed that the next big Minecraft update will be version 1.20. This update currently has no official name but will come to have one as more content for the update is unveiled. For now, the next huge update is known simply as 1.20 and already boasts some game-changing features that will be making their way into the world of Minecraft.

Everything included in Minecraft’s next big update

Although the official update won’t be launched until 2023, Mojang said during the Minecraft Live 2022 event that players could expect to see beta versions and snapshots showcasing these new features roll out any day. The first snapshot for the distant 1.20 Minecraft update was then released to players on Oct. 19.

Image via Mojang

Quite a few features of the 1.20 update were unveiled by Mojang during the Minecraft Live 2022 event. But more features that will be released in this update will be announced in the future as the Minecraft team continues to develop them.

New default skins in Minecraft

Seven new skins will join Steve and Alex in the pool of default skins that players can select from when playing Minecraft. These new characters may look familiar as they appeared numerous times throughout the promotional material for Minecraft’s Wild Update.

During the segment of the Minecraft Live 2022 event where they discussed this addition, the developers shared that it is an important stride for them in ensuring that all who play feel included and welcome. They also said that this is only “one step” forward in reaching that goal.

Image via Mojang

All of the default Minecraft characters are, from left to right as pictured above, Sunny, Kai, Makena, Steve, Alex, Zuri, Efe, Ari, and Noor. Currently, not much is known about them beyond their names but Mojang said that players can expect to learn more about the seven new characters through future promotional material.

Although the 1.20 update won’t be out until 2023, the seven default skins already arrived with the first official snapshot for the future update. Players can thus choose to play as any of these new characters immediately.

Hanging signs in Minecraft

A new block type called hanging signs will arrive in the 1.20 update. This block is a more expensive version of the regular sign block and can be crafted with any type of stripped logs and chains.

Hanging signs can be placed just about anywhere and every sign type comes in three different variants. These variants are as follows:

  • A hanging sign can be hung from the side of a block and will be facing sideways. This variant will hang off of a special post with the chains attaching it to the hanging post.
  • The second variant is the base version and simply hangs with two chains under any regular block.
  • The final variant also has two chains but these chains go up and join to make a triangle shape. This variant is made when the hanging sign is hung under something narrow like a fence.
Image via Mojang

Bamboo wood in Minecraft

An entirely new wood set that players can use to create all of the wood variants will be added with the 1.20 update. This wood set is created from bamboo, which already exists within Minecraft and can be found throughout the jungle biome.

As is the case with all other wood sets in Minecraft, the bamboo wood set includes a wide variety of assets that can be created from the base bamboo plank block.

  • Bamboo planks can be made from four bamboo.
  • Bamboo stairs can be created from six bamboo planks.
  • Bamboo slabs can be crafted from three bamboo planks.
  • Bamboo signs can be made from six bamboo planks and one stick.
  • Bamboo doors can be created from six bamboo planks.
  • Bamboo fences can be crafted from four bamboo planks and two sticks.
  • Bamboo trapdoors can be made from six bamboo planks.
  • Bamboo fence gates can be crafted from two bamboo planks and four sticks.
  • Bamboo pressure plates can be created from two bamboo planks.
  • Bamboo buttons can be made from one bamboo plank.
Image via Mojang

Unlike all other wood sets, the bamboo set includes a unique block type called the bamboo mosaic. This intricate block has a unique design and can be crafted into three block types.

  • Bamboo mosaics can be created from two bamboo slabs.
  • Bamboo mosaic slabs can be crafted from two bamboo mosaics.
  • Bamboo mosaic stairs can be made from six bamboo mosaics.
Image via Mojang

Bamboo currently has very limited uses but will become much more usable with an entire wood set and a few extra special blocks that can be created from it.

Rafts in Minecraft

While all other wood sets in Minecraft can be used to construct the same type of boat in different wood variants, the bamboo wood set is a bit different. Instead of a boat, players can use bamboo to craft a new type of water transportation called a raft.

Everything about rafts functions the same as regular boats but offers players a new, more adventurous look and feel for their water expeditions. Just like boats, rafts can also be constructed to hold a chest.

Image via Mojang

Chiseled bookshelves in Minecraft

A new bookshelf type will be added with the next Minecraft update. This block is called chiseled bookshelves and is both fully interactable and customizable.

Players can place one to six books in each chiseled bookshelf block and watch as the bookshelf changes its appearance. Taking books off the shelf will also affect how it looks.

Image via Mojang

Players can store any kind of book within the chiseled bookshelves. This includes regular books, enchanted books, and books with quills.

Chiseled bookshelves are also compatible with redstone. This allows players to create unique build features like hidden bookshelf doors or even use redstone to figure out which book was the last one that they interacted with.

Image via Mojang

This new block type also has a few unique wood patterns surrounding the bookshelf itself, which gives it further function beyond being an interactable bookshelf. The developers showcased an example of how the unique designs around the chiseled bookshelf could be used to create floor and wall patterns during the Minecraft Live 2022 event as can be seen above.

Camels in Minecraft

The biggest gameplay feature that has been unveiled for the 1.20 Minecraft update is the addition of camels. This new mob type functions in a manner that is quite similar to horses but also boasts a few unique features.

  • Camels can carry two players at a time which allows players to travel with a friend.
  • Camels have a special dash ability that allows them to rush forward at an impressive speed and even jump right over large areas including treacherous ravines.
  • Camels are so tall that mobs will not be able to reach players who are actively riding them. It is currently unclear if this includes all Minecraft mobs but does definitely include mobs like zombies and husks.
  • Camels can be bred with cacti and baby camels will thus also be added to Minecraft.
Image via Mojang

Although not officially confirmed, it is highly likely that the 2022 mob vote winner, the Sniffer, will also arrive in the 1.20 update of Minecraft. Usual patterns for adding the winner of the mob vote in Minecraft have the new creature arrive alongside the next massive update, which is the upcoming 1.20 update.

While all of this information is what’s confirmed for the 1.20 update, it is also extremely likely that Mojang will unveil even more new content ahead of when the update releases. Because the devs have promised too much content and have been unable to deliver in the past, Mojang said during the Minecraft Live 2022 event that it will instead only unveil content that is very deep in the development process and will share more as it is created.

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