What will 1.19 add in Minecraft? Bedrock, Java and Pocket Edition additions explained

The highly anticipated Minecraft 1.19 update is on the horizon. The Wild Update is set to be released on June 7, 2022. This update will be made available to all editions and supported devices on the same day and time.

The Wild Update was officially revealed on Minecraft Live 2021 held back last October. Mojang has announced several new features for version 1.19. Some of the Caves & Cliffs features were also moved to the 1.19 update.

With less than a week left until The Wild Update, let’s take a look at the amazing features of The Wild Update. Players will be able to experience all of these features in their worlds on Tuesday, June 7.

Minecraft 1.19 features coming to Bedrock, Java, and Pocket Edition

As is obvious from its name, The Wild Update was created with the idea of bringing wilderness into the blocky wild of Minecraft. Sadly, some players find the 1.19 update a tad bit disappointing, as they had expected more features. Regardless, The Wild Update is still pretty amazing because of these features:

1) Deep dark caves, the warden, and ancient cities

Well now you’ve gone and done it… All that noise you’ve been making has awoken the warden!Will you test your courage in #TheWildUpdate? Coming June 7! https://t.co/MasruunFU8

Deep dark caves were supposed to be released a year ago, but ended up getting delayed twice. The Wild Update will finally bring this creepy cave biome to the Overworld. Deep dark caves generate in the deepest layers of the Overworld and harbor creepy sculk blocks.

Like mushroom islands, normal mobs do not spawn in deep dark caves. Warden is the only mob players will usually spot in deep dark caves. This monstrosity only appears when a player activates sculk shrieker blocks three times.

In deep dark caves, players will also find the new biggest structure of Minecraft, ancient city. This structure contains the remains of an ancient civilization and lots of rare and valuable loot items. Players can find many new items in ancient cities, such as disc fragments and echo shards.

2) Mangrove swamps


Mangrove swamps are one of the main attractions of The Wild Update. Swamps are not quite popular among Minecrafters. With the 1.19 update, Mojang decided to introduce a new variety of swamps called mangrove swamps.

Mangrove swamps are packed with a new type of tree called mangroves. Players will also find frogs and mud blocks in mangrove swamps. Mangrove wood blocks look beautiful and have a unique color and texture.

3) Allay and frogs

Hooray for the allay! A new friend? A clever collector? Or maybe a musical maestro? You get to decide as you craft your path in #TheWildUpdate, coming soon! https://t.co/Ydc5Wl8iCH

Apart from the warden, allay and frogs are also new mobs of The Wild Update. The Minecraft community voted Allay at Mob Vote 2021. It is a melophile mob who also likes to collect items. Players can use allay to collect items and drop them anywhere they want using note blocks.

Along with a swamp revamp, Mojang is also bringing frogs. The Wild Update features three types of frogs – orange, white, and green. Players can spawn tadpoles by breeding frogs. These croaking mobs are also the key to getting new light blocks called froglight.

The Wild Update has tons of other features. Players will have to wait for the release on June 7 to get the official patch notes for The Wild Update.

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