What texture pack does Technoblade use in Minecraft Bedrock?

Minecraft streamer Technoblade has a variety of game accounts starting from his main account, which is called “Technoblade,” which he usually uses to play on servers like Hypixel and the Dream SMP, and to compete in the MCC and Minecraft Mondays.

Some other accounts include Whitelisted, BizzarreZz, PommesDeTerre and MrBeastGoon27 (previously known as Whitelisted 2).

During his adventures, streams and videos portraying his in-game shenanigans, Techno can be seen using a ton of texture packs to make the game look different.

Many of his texture packs are used specifically with a server or account of his choice. Below, players can find everything about the Tightfault Revamp texture pack, which is his most used texture pack in Minecraft Bedrock.

A look at the Tightfault Revamp Edit 1.18 texture pack that Technoblade uses in Minecraft


The Tightfault Revamp texture pack is specifically listed as “Technoblade’s Pack on its source site. The website where every bit of information regarding the pack, as well as its download link. Technoblade currently uses the Tightfault Revamp Edit 1.18, which is tailored specifically for Minecraft 1.18.

The texture pack brings some impressive new textures and designs to the game. It runs on 16x resolution, which is the default pixel resolution that Vanilla Minecraft runs on. This feature is known to supply a boost to the player’s frames, and make the game generally perform better than the original Tightfault Revamp pack.

tightfault revamp swords (yes i know some of them arent that similar to the originals, but thats because i think the originals look bad) https://t.co/sGxjC84Cv3

The primary features this pack offers are listed below:

  • New textures for armor sets. The icons, however, look almost exactly the same.
  • Every block looks sharper in the vanilla version of the game.
  • A new skybox
  • A new particle effect for potions
  • A boundary around all ores in the game
  • New icons and models for swords.
  • Slight changes in colours and designs for tools
  • A new UI style and font.
  • A new effect to portray enchanting.
  • Changes to water tranparency.
  • A new fire effect.

Note: Players are advised to turn off clouds when playing with this texture pack. The blocky vanilla clouds have a tendency to look weird in front of the realistic skybox.

The pack has been dubbed by many as the best PVP texture pack for the game. This is primarily due to its optimization, a large part of which rests on its ability to boost the player’s frames per second or FPS, by a massive amount. Testers at the source website say the pack performs great on medium to low-end devices.

How to download Technoblade’s Bedrock texture pack


Players can download the Tightfault Revamp Edit using the following steps:

  1. Download Optfine from this website.
  2. Download the zip file for the texture pack from here.
  3. Navigate to the downloads folder and paste the .zip file into the “resource pack” folder in the “.minecraft” folder.

While the texture pack version with 16x pixel resolution is the one used by Technoblade, players can also download the higher resolution 32x pack from the same website. While the pack is beautiful in most aspects, the armor sets might feel a little too vanilla-like to some players. This is one of the few cons of the pack.

More about Technoblade

Dave “Technoblade” B is one of the biggest and most well-known Minecraft YouTubers and Twitch streamers out there. He is known for his various collaborations with popular YouTubers and streamers since joining the content creator SMP server, Dream SMP.

Some of the content creators he has collaborated with are Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons, Alexis “Quackity,” Will “Wilbur Soot,” Toby “Tubbo,” and Clay “Dream,” with whom he has a friendly rivalry on the server.

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