What is the difference between Minecraft Realms and Realms Plus?

Minecraft is a game where players can build anything they can imagine. With so much potential at their fingertips, they can create cities, redstone contraptions, bases, and more.

Players can do all of this on their own, but building larger worlds and creations can take a lot of time. In addition, exploring the large world on one’s own can be a lonesome experience. This is where Realms and Realms Plus come into play.

Players can purchase a Realms or Realms Plus subscription to have access to a world that allows them to play with friends from across the globe. It will also let them save the world to the cloud for immediate access at anytime.

The main difference between Realms and Realms Plus different is an additional catalog of Minecraft Marketplace content


Minecraft players will receive different benefits from Realms and Realms Plus. While both of these subscriptions offer players a 24/7 connection to their own personal realms, there are a few significant differences to consider before choosing a subscription.

A Realms subscription offers players the opportunity to purchase a realm with two additional player slots. It also supports Minecraft Marketplace and allows crossplay across Bedrock devices and consoles.

A Realms Plus subscription, on the other hand, gives gamers access to a 10-player realm. It also comes with access to a specially curated selection of additional game content.

A monthly subscription to Realms costs $3.99/£3.29. Meanwhile, a monthly subscription to Realms Plus costs $7.99/£6.69.

A separate Realms subscription service is available for those who play Java Edition on a Windows device. However, it does not support Minecraft Marketplace.

Special free content included for Realms Plus subscribers


One of the biggest benefits of subscribing to Realms Plus (besides the larger realms) is the ability to access special members-only benefits. These include free access to over 150+ different items from the Minecraft Marketplace.

Not only does this include entire worlds, but it also features addons, skins, and texture packs. Each one of these selections would typically cost players Minecoins to purchase and can be applied to their realms for their friends to share with them.

How to get Realms and Realms Plus subscriptions

To get started on your own Realms or Realms Plus subscription, head over to the Minecraft Marketplace. Once there, you should see an option to purchase either of the two subscriptions. Alternatively, you can search the store for “realms.”

Once you have subscribed to a service, head to the “Create New World” option from the main menu. When creating a new world, you will have the option to create it locally or in a realm. Up to three separate worlds can be stored in a realm at once, although only one can be in use at a time. Once created, simply log in to the realm and enjoy.

Realms are a great way to have fun with friends and family online


The ability to have a realm that is always available is amazing. Not only does the realm stay online when players log off, but the owner does not even have to be logged in. This allows players to build even if the owner isn’t around.

With so many benefits, players are highly recommended to visit the Minecraft Marketplace and pick up their own subscription to Realms or Realms Plus today.

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