What is a Vex in Minecraft? 1.20 update brings major mob changes

Published: 2022-11-10T12:13:25

Updated: 2022-11-10T12:13:35

Minecraft is filled with deadly mobs to avoid on your travels, but few are as challenging as a Vex. Here’s everything you need to know about the Vex in Minecraft.

Often confused with the adorable Allay, a Vex is a rare mob you’ll likely find on Raids or in Woodland Mansions. Due to this rarity, many Minecraft players don’t know too much about them. So, now they’ll be getting a few changes in the new 1.20 Minecraft update, many players are rushing to know everything they need to about taking this tricky creature down.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the Vex in this open-world game as well as what changes they will receive in the upcoming Minecraft update.

Will there be a new Vex in Minecraft 1.20?

No, there won’t be an entirely new Vex in the 1.20 update, but it will have a new design and a few new additions to make it easier to attack. After all, these tiny flying mobs can be extremely challenging to hit, even if they are adorable.

Essentially, in the 1.20 Minecraft update, the Vex will have an updated model and texture as well as a larger hitbox to make it easier for you to deal some damage to them when needed.

What is a Vex in Minecraft?

What is a vex in MinecraftMojang

Minecraft’s Vex can easily overwhelm you if you don’t take them down quickly.

A Vex is an adorable but deadly small flying mob that can pack a punch with its tiny iron sword. It can also phase through walls so don’t try to hide from them if they start attacking you.

Luckily, these mobs will not simply turn up in your world. Instead, they need to be summoned by an Evoker which can be found in Woodland Mansions and Raids.

When they are summoned, it’s vital you take down the Vex as quickly as possible because they can quickly get overwhelming and can hit pretty hard. We recommend using crossbows or regular bows due to their flying capabilities.

That’s all you need to know about Vex’s in Minecraft. While staying away from them and the Evokers, take a look at some of our handy Minecraft guides:

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