What is a Sniffer in Minecraft? All the details on Minecraft’s next new mob

The Minecraft community was tasked once more with helping Mojang pick a new mob type to develop for Minecraft during the 2022 installment of the annual mob vote.

The voting process for this version of the mob vote ran a bit differently as the voting did not take place on Twitter and instead asked players to vote through various Minecraft platforms.

While most mobs are thought up and created just by Mojang themselves, the Minecraft developers introduced the mob vote system a few years ago to allow the community to help shape some of the new content that is added to the game.

Previous mob votes have added new creatures like the Glow Squid and Allay.

Image via Mojang

The 2022 installment of Minecraft’s mob vote featured three contenders. These contenders were the Rascal, the Tuff golem, and the Sniffer.

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While the mob vote is usually pretty divisive and generally features a nearly even split in the number of supporters for each contender, the Sniffer was voted in with over half the community backing it.

Of those who participated in the Minecraft vote of 2022, 55.1 percent voted for the Sniffer, 27.7 percent voted for the Rascal, and 17.2 percent voted for the Tuff golem.

What can the Sniffer do in Minecraft?

The Sniffer is an ancient mob that hatches from eggs found in chests located around underwater ruins. After finding Sniffer eggs underwater, players will then be tasked with bringing them back to the surface and helping them hatch.

Once they have been hatched, Sniffers will find seeds for players by sniffing around. This creature loves plants and thus will seek to help players grow some of their own.

Mojang has also implied the Sniffer may bring players new types of plants and has teased some kind of ancient seeds which means that the development of the Sniffer may occur alongside the development of new plant types.

Although the Sniffer was thought to be extinct, the Minecraft community selecting it as the winner for the 2022 mob vote means that it will now be revived and free to roam the world once more.

When will the Sniffer be added to Minecraft?

No official release date for the Sniffer has been shared by Mojang just yet, but based on previous patterns, it is highly likely the Sniffer will arrive in the next big Minecraft update.

Minecraft’s next big update is 1.20, which is scheduled to release in 2023.

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