Weird Minecraft Lake Breaks the Game

An extremely rare outcome in world generation creates a Minecraft lake that completely collapses near the spawn location in a newly discovered seed.

The world generation in Minecraft is an extremely delicate science, and if it happens to veer off course into atypical parameters, it starts to fall apart in beautiful ways such as when it prompts to generate a lake deeper than the bottom of the world. Much like the world generation in Terraria, Minecraft‘s pixel counterpart, the worlds in Mojang’s iconic sandbox are generated in accordance to its seed, a nineteen-digit number that serves to randomize the outcome of world generation.


A pivotal feature of the game since launch, players have been searching for the perfect Minecraft seed for the better part of a decade. In their pursuit, fans even stumbled across the iconic seed from Minecraft‘s main menu. The recent discovery comes at the hands of Stardust Labs, a Minecraft development group founded by Starmute with a focus on cutting-edge world generation projects such as Terralith. It should be noted that the game breaking lake generates in vanilla Minecraft, and that players can experience it without having to modify their game in any way.

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For Stardust Labs’ world generation, it essentially attempts to generate a biome that pushes past the technical limits of a Minecraft world. The game breaking lake of their seed happens because of the way Minecraft world generation handles its lakes and rivers. As Stardust Labs explains it, they are governed by a factor called Weirdness, where a factor above 1.2 will turn a river into a lake during world generation, and a subsequent increase of its value will increase the depth of the lake.

The center of the lake that is supposed to be the deepest part does not get generated, instead creating a hollow shell in the middle into which the lake drains itself, ultimately breaking the world. The chances of this outcome occurring in a Minecraft spawn location are extremely rare, and the one-in-five-million odds will mean that it may take a while until another such lake is found. Thankfully, players can enjoy the world discovered by Stardust Labs by inputting 1004611161 as the seed during world generation.

In terms of future content, Mojang has been hard at work developing the currently unnamed Update 1.20 for Minecraft. It will see the introduction of a new type of wood block in bamboo, adding a bit more variety to the Jungle biome overall, as well as introducing Camels as new ridable entities. Given how thoroughly new updates tend to change world generation, there is no guarantee that the Stardust Labs seed will be compatible with the new Minecraft version when it launches sometime next year.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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