Warzone player is recreating Verdansk in Minecraft and it looks perfect

Published: 2022-12-02T09:41:29

Updated: 2022-12-02T09:41:29

A fan of Call of Duty: Warzone has revealed they miss the original BR map Verdansk so much they have started to recreate it in Minecraft.

The original Verdansk map will likely hold a special place in the hearts of Warzone players. It was the environment the incredibly popular battle royale launched with, featuring in all modes until it was replaced by Caldera in Warzone Pacific.

Based on real-life locations in Ukraine, the map seemed to find the perfect balance between slower, open areas and chaotic fast-paced environments where carnage ruled.

When it was usurped by Caldera in December 2021, Activision appeared to rule out it returning in any capacity, but have now hinted that it could return in 2023 in Warzone 2.0.

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Regardless, some fans are still nostalgic for Verdansk and one has taken their longing for the original Warzone map to new heights.

Warzone fan building Verdansk in Minecraft

Redditor ‘Miffydsi‘ revealed in a 1 December post that they have begun to recreate the environment in Mojang’s Minecraft, spending hours rendering buildings, terrain, and more in a similar way.

They said: “When you miss Verdansk and decide to start creating it in Minecraft. There is ALOT that needs to be changed still. The map is nowhere near being finished but I like how it’s coming out so far.”

Attached were multiple images showing recognizable POIs, including Superstore and Stadium.

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The in-progress build looks impressive, but recreating the large map will take hours of effort and refinement.

It’s not the first time a nostalgic CoD fan has rendered a fan-favorite environment in a different title.

Back in 2019, one Black Ops II fan recreated the acclaimed multiplayer map Raid in CSGO, an environment that remains playable to this day.

Whether the fan is able to finish their Minecraft-Verdansk remains to be seen, but some did wish them luck in their task. We’ll be sure to check back in if or when it gets finished.

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