Unique Minecraft Base is the Culmination of 7,000 Hours of Work

A recent video has shown what can be achieved in Minecraft in around 7,000 hours, with the result being a rather unique-looking survival project. With its iconic base building mechanics, Mojang’s sandbox game has been a source of creativity for millions of people since it released in 2011, and some very impressive structures have come about during this time. Evidently, the community is still hard at work with some fantastic ideas.

It’s not just building that keeps people engaged, either. With the Minecraft mob vote beginning October 14, players can literally influence what gets put into the game by the developer, and Mojang is consistently implementing new features and changes to keep things interesting. Of course, the crux of the appeal is the ability to construct all manner of designs, and it’s not uncommon for fans to dedicate much of their time to creating something rather eye-catching.


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A recent video uploaded to the YouTube channel MLGaeming reveals what happens when Minecraft players spend around 7,000 hours, more than 290 days total, building a base. The time-lapse footage shows some truly unique things that have been built during this period, including floating islands, a colorful hot air balloon, tall spires, and much more. The whole project, which takes place on the 2b2t server, has something different to look at, with every individual build seemingly made with love and care. What’s interesting is that the time stamps in the video description show that nearly every second that passes represents a different day of creation.

There is no telling what players will come up with next, and it’s not always projects that emerge straight from the imagination. Some are wont to have a go at turning real-life landmarks into blocky facsimiles, such as the Minecraft fan who recreated Notre-Dame or the one who did a huge replica of Back to the Future‘s DeLorean. This video from MLGaeming shows a lot going on and really demonstrates how imaginative many players are.

With low system requirements on PC and a universal appeal that transcends age groups, not to mention the freedom the game affords players, it’s not surprising that Minecraft is such a powerhouse in the gaming industry. It’s going to take a lot to topple it from its podium, and the fact that the game still remains this popular after well over a decade shows that it’s probably going to remain on top for a while longer.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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