Two New Minecraft Board Games Coming Out

Why be cubical when you can get board?

Have you played Minecraft? Many of you are probably saying “yes” in various ways right now, and that’s fine. The game is the best-selling title of all time! Something that developer Mojang couldn’t have predicted when they released their block-filled title over a decade ago. People love collecting resources in the title and then using them to build whatever comes to mind. Plus, the game was constantly updated, so players always had something to do. Due to its popularity, it’s appeared in all sorts of media. That includes the board game genre, where they’re about to get a couple of new titles for you to enjoy.

The board games come from developer Ravensburger, who has already made a game for the series. The first title is called Minecraft: Portal Dash. This title focuses more on teamwork and avoiding danger. You’ll be trapped in the Nether dimension and need to escape it. By working together, you’ll go through portals and take down waves of bad guys. On top of staying alive, you’ll need to find mining equipment and get resource blocks so you can use them to get through the dimension.

If you’re looking for something more family-friendly and focused, get Minecraft: Heroes of the Village. In this title, you’ll play it like the regular game regarding making a village. Once it’s up, you’ll explore, get more resources, expand it, and fight off the Illagers that come for it. Just as remarkable, each player will have an animal at their side with abilities you can use.

The team at Ravensburger noted that these new board games weren’t randomly made. Instead, they were created based on the feedback from their previous board game set in the universe. They were told that fans desired games with more action and a family title too. So they proved they listened to their fans with these two creations.

“We heard from fans that they loved fighting mobs and also wanted a game for younger players,” said Cassidy Werner, Head of Games at Ravensburger North America. “We decided to give them both.”

Werner also noted that these new games are made in collaboration with Mojang. The two titles will release in November for $34.99 and $29.99, respectively.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for content for the main game. It was recently announced that a whole swath of Batman DLC was coming to the game for the first time. Complete with a brand-new world where you can play as Batman and team up with your legendary sidekicks to defeat the Joker and multiple other villains.

The content looks deep as you’ll get to explore Gotham City, solve puzzles from The Riddler, and more. No release date for the content has been given yet, but it’s said to be coming soon.


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