Top 7 most useful items in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft has no shortage of items. The sheer quantity of usable items and blocks in the game is staggering.

While most of these items have their uses, some are incredibly vital to players, either for their profound benefits or their utility in everyday use.


Certain items in Minecraft are useful for almost every type of player. They have multiple applications in different facets of the game, making them helpful for players regardless of whether they’re building, crafting, or interacting with the world.

While there are too many items to list comprehensively, here’s a look at some of the most useful items as of version 1.19.2.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the writer

Fishing rods, Totems of Undying, and 5 other incredibly useful items in Minecraft 1.19.2

7) Compass

A compass ensures you'll always find your way home or elsewhere (Image via Mojang)
A compass ensures you’ll always find your way home or elsewhere (Image via Mojang)

Created in Minecraft with iron ingots and a piece of redstone dust, compasses are incredibly helpful for newer players and those who love exploration. By default, the device will point back to the world spawn point, allowing players to head back to where they first dropped into the game.

Even better, a compass can be used with a lodestone block to tether it to the lodestone. Players will then notice that the compass will point to wherever they placed the lodestone, allowing fans to find their way back to specific locations.

6) Fishing Rods

Fishing rods will reward you much more than fish (Image via RajCraft/YouTube)
Fishing rods will reward you much more than fish (Image via RajCraft/YouTube)

Fishing rods are quite easy to craft in Minecraft and yield more rewards than one might think. They’re great for snagging fish for consumption (or feeding cats), but they also provide something much better.

Fishing rods are capable of finding treasure items. These items include enchanted books, saddles, name tags, and more. Players can even fish out an enchanted fishing rod with a normal one, which is a huge plus.


5) Buckets

Buckets are one of Minecraft's most useful items (Image via Mojang)
Buckets are one of Minecraft’s most useful items (Image via Mojang)

Created with iron ingots in Minecraft, buckets are one of the most useful items to carry in one’s inventory. These items can collect various liquids like water, lava, milk, and semi-solid materials like powder snow. They also have many other storage perks.

Buckets can pick up various fish when they have water stored in them, from cod and tropical fish to pufferfish. Even better, they can carry entire mobs, including axolotls and tadpoles.

Considering how useful buckets are, it’s wise to keep at least one on hand. Players never know when they might need to clear out water/lava or even save themselves from a fall with a quick water placement.

4) Boats

Boats aren't all about moving over water (Image via Mojang)
Boats aren’t all about moving over water (Image via Mojang)

While some players may point out that boats are considered a block in Minecraft instead of an item, boats are technically items before they’re used. They’re not only helpful in transferring players over the surface of the water; they have plenty of other applications.

Mobs can be placed in boats to transport them and keep them from attacking players. Boats can even keep players from losing their hunger bar while traveling.


If players have a few extra boats, they can also use them as emergency fuel when placed in a furnace in Minecraft.

3) Armor

Stay armored and stay alive (Image via Mojang)
Stay armored and stay alive (Image via Mojang)

The world of Minecraft can be dangerous, thanks in no small part to hostile mobs and hazardous dimensions like the Nether and the End.

Since this is the case, it’s wise to keep as much high-quality armor equipped as possible. The better a player’s armor quality, the better their chances of surviving dangerous situations.

If players can add some enchantments to their armor, it will become vastly more helpful.

2) Totems of Undying

Totems of Undying are a literal lifesaver (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Totems of Undying are a literal lifesaver (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Totems of Undying may not be easy to obtain in Minecraft, but they are incredibly helpful, especially for those playing on higher difficulties like Hardcore Mode. These totems have one primary purpose: bringing players back to life after they take enough damage to normally cause death.

For Hardcore Mode, in particular, a Totem of Undying is the difference between staying alive and having to create a new world.


If players enjoy decoration, Totems of Undying also make for a nice complement to an item frame, wherever it might be placed.

1) Pickaxes

Never leave your base without your trusty pickaxe (Image via Mojang)
Never leave your base without your trusty pickaxe (Image via Mojang)

The utility of pickaxes in Minecraft can’t be overstated. They’re the most visible tool in the game’s marketing, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

Pickaxes are one of the core items in the entire framework of the game, due in no small part to their ability to harvest important resources. They also make for a decent replacement weapon in lieu of a sword or axe.

When starting a new world, one of the first items players prioritize is a pickaxe. They need them to collect vital resources and building blocks. Wooden pickaxes can even be used as fuel in an emergency. Put plainly, pickaxes are too important not to keep on hand at almost all times.

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