Top 7 Minecraft fishing mods

Minecraft’s fishing system is one of its many redeemable qualities. It is often overlooked by many players, who end up missing out on the loot and opportunities it offers. Fishing allows players to develop a vast inventory. When cooked and consumed, hunger is satiated, while raw fish can be fed to dogs and cats to keep them healthy. Cats can be tamed with raw fish too.

Aside from the varying types of species, the fishing process also makes players dig. Naturally, loot turns up while digging. Some of this loot can be underwhelming (lily pads, bowls, sticks, string, bones, additional fishing rods), while a small chunk can be valuable (bows, enchanted books, nautilus shell, saddles, name tags).

Mods allow players to enhance Minecraft’s fishing experience quite a bit. Each mod adds a new aspect to the game, making fishing enjoyable and profitable.

Exploring Minecraft mods to make fishing better

7) Giacomo’s Fishing Net


The Giacomo’s Fishing Net mod adds an entirely new method of fishing to the game in the form of nets. Players can throw these nets into lakes, ponds, oceans, and other water bodies containing fish.

Each piece of the net acts as a block, which allows the players to capture one fish within each section of the net. Aside from fishing, the mod has other uses, namely throwing the net on other mobs or players to trap them. To craft a fishnet, players will need four pieces of string.

6) Fishing Made Better


The Fishing Made Better mod improves upon the fishing mechanic found in vanilla Minecraft. Players must maintain a specific tension on their fishing rod after they’ve hooked something.

Failure to do so will result in the fish escaping. The mod makes it so that fishing encounters or “minigames” are portrayed differently at different world heights, within different biomes, and in the substance, players are fishing.

5) Go Fish

The Go Fish mod in action (Image via curseforge/Draylar1)
The Go Fish mod in action (Image via curseforge/Draylar1)

Go Fish is a Fabric mod that5 enhances fishing in Minecraft. It brings the fishing experience more in line with other survival games like Terraria and Stardew Valley by adding new types of loot, new underwater creatures, and more.

Each biome, including those in the Nether and End, has unique properties when fishing, such as different mobs, mechanics, and loot. New types of food and blocks, as well as fishing rods, have been added.

4) Better Fishing Rods


This mod does exactly what it says – adds a plethora of new fishing rods to Minecraft. Each rod has a unique ability activated when players cast it into the water and start fishing.

For example, a certain variant of the fishing rod gives players a jump boost when used, while another gives water breathing. The mod also contains a leveling system that allows players to upgrade their fishing rods.

3) Book Fishing

Book Fishing is an interesting mod (Image via curseforge/ TrueRealCursed_Warrior)
Book Fishing is an interesting mod (Image via curseforge/ TrueRealCursed_Warrior)

This mod adds a ton of new enchanted books to the game, each of which is obtainable via fishing. A player’s chances of finding an enchanted book depend on how powerful the enchantments on the book are since each book has varying levels of rarity.

Rarer enchantments mean the chances of finding them are slimmer than in other books. Vanilla enchantments like Luck of the Sea multiply this chance by the tier of the enchantment.

2) Fishing Real


The Fishing Real mod is a simple mod that can bring tiny changes to fishing in Minecraft. When a fish is caught in the vanilla version of the game, it fish pops out of the water and is collected as an item, i.e., it dies immediately.

However, players can use this mod to ensure that the captured fish stays alive for a bit after being taken out of the water source. It thrashes around and eventually dies, which can be used as food or to feed/tame a pet.

1) Aquaculture 2


Aquaculture 2 is one of Minecraft’s most popular fishing-based mods, with over 50 million downloads. The mod introduces more than 30 new fish variants to the game, along with many new rods, bait, and hooks.


Customization of fishing equipment is one of the many features of this mod, along with unique modifiers and only fish types based on the biome they’ve spawned in. Some new weapons and a new type of food, the fish filet, are also added.

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