Top 7 cool underwater bases to build in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where players can build almost anything they can dream of. From beautiful and mythical fantasy villages, to a full working copy of Pokemon Red, if it can be imagined, it can be built.

One of the most fun and coolest ways to pass the time and build in Minecraft is to create a base. While a generic house built above ground may not be the most exciting thing in the world, some gamers have developed very cool alternative placements to bases, such as in tree houses, underground, and even underwater.

But what makes for a good underwater base? Read on to find out.

Underwater bases can be very cool in Minecraft

There are a few reasons that underwater bases are cool, besides just their looks. For one, they are immune to explosions, which makes them very resistant to griefing. In addition, many mobs cannot reach the base, so players will be relatively safe.

Finally, they are hard to spot from the surface, and make a great place to store valuable items, especially in Survival Mode. However, building these can take a lot of effort and planning. Still, for those who are looking to make their own underwater base, here are seven of the coolest ideas out there.

1) Pirate ship base


While the pirates that sailed in the many shipwrecks in Minecraft may have lost their possessions, players can find them under the waves and make them into a pretty cool underwater base.

With this build created by YouTuber Farzy, a shipwreck was made to be the centerpiece of this amazing enclosed underwater base. The glass around it makes it look like a ship in a bottle, and provides not only amazing views, but a great and solid home as well.

Players can try this when they find their own shipwrecks, or perhaps add on to the ships to make them even more ornate.

2) Underwater pod base


In a build that slightly resembles the pods of Subnautica, underwater dwellers can use this creation by YouTuber Sheep GG, as they make a base that is both beautiful and functional.

With multiple rooms, players can have one for storage and crafting, and the others for whatever they like. Best of all, the glass windows in front allow for fantastic views of the surrounding sea, and these pods can be expanded to make an even larger base.

With a top level where players can run their boat to get in, this base stands out as a great introduction to how amazing an underwater base can be.

3) Sea Base


This base offers players everything they could ever need while still being underwater, including trees. When making a build such as this one by YouTuber Avomance, players can make sure they can still grow needed crops by ensuring that they have access to the sky via the glass domes.

This lets them get the needed light so that they can grow and prosper, even under the waves. Best of all, with the self sustaining base, players can even create a mineshaft inside of the base and start all their expeditions right from the base, and thus they will never have to leave the ocean.

4) Modern underwater base


Who says you can’t live a life of luxury underwater? With this amazing modern base, players can do exactly that. Featuring breathtaking views of the seas, as well as open floorplans and designs, this build by YouTuber Folli stands out among others in the modern underwater base design category.

For one, Minecraft players can decorate the interior of this any way they want, and with multiple levels, parties can be held, or friends can live with one another with enough space for everyone.

5) Round underwater base


When living underwater, players may feel that it is a very isolated and almost alienlike experience. Creatures of the depths can often give that feeling, and what better way to celebrate it than with a UFO shaped underwater base?

With this build by YouTuber Goldrobin, players can get a 360 degree views of everything around them with floor to ceiling glass, letting in a lot of natural light as well.

In addition to letting light in, this build also allows players to see approaching enemies coming from any direction.

6) Underwater cube base


Sometimes the simple things in life can be the most effective. With this underwater cube base by YouTuber TSMC – Minecraft, players will be able to have a small but effective base of operations under the water.

This can be great for making a place to store belongings in a home-away-from-home type deal, or even just a simple base to prepare to take on an Ocean Monument. No matter what, it’s still a safer alternative than any old above-ground Minecraft base.

7) Underwater lair


Have you ever wanted to feel like a superhero or a super villain in Minecraft? This underwater lair can give builders that exact feeling with the many possibilities it holds. Not only does it have ample storage space for all the needs a player may have, but the stained glass can be made any color for true customization.

On top of that, each pod is exposed to light, so farming is a very real possibility with this build, meaning superheroes or villains may never need to come to dry land again.

Pick these amazing underwater bases to impress your friends in Minecraft

Having a cool base is one thing, but having one that is also underwater takes things to a whole different level in Minecraft.

It may take longer to build underwater due to the slower mining speed, but with the proper amount of patience and dedication, players can have the underwater base of their dreams.

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