Top 5 ways to get XP faster in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Players can gain XP in many ways in Minecraft. Players have probably seen those glowing orbs and have seen their level increase. But leveling up in Minecraft has quite a few different uses, from enchanting to repairing and renaming.

Players will want to gather as much XP as possible to become stronger and progress through the game. Here is how to quickly gain XP in Minecraft.

Best ways to gain XP faster in Minecraft Bedrock


Experience or XP is useful in Minecraft when performing a few essential functions. Players can gather XP from various sources within the game. Some of these ways are faster or more efficient than others, but each one is valuable in its way.

Of course, there are also automated XP farms, but these methods will benefit the player throughout their playthrough of Minecraft.

1) Killing hostile mobs


When a player encounters a hostile mob, that mob will attack the player. Of course, the player should defend themselves and defeat the monster. However, players can also gain XP in addition to simply surviving the encounter and gaining any items that the mob would happen to drop.

The type of mob being defeated determines the amount of XP the player will gain. Some mobs to farm:

  • Endermen
  • Piglins
  • Skeletons
  • Zombies

Players can make a mob farm, which can be used to make their grind of XP easier to obtain. Of course, players could also either find a spawner or just go walk around and find mobs as well, but the most efficient way of gaining XP from hostile mobs is to use a farm.

2) Farming and breeding animals (Passive mobs)


Players are able to farm animals for various needs, from materials such as milk and leather, to wool and of course, meat. But, in addition to these various items that players can obtain from farming animals, they will also drop XP when they are killed.

Although, not as much XP is dropped when an animal is killed as when they are bred. Breeding animals is better to yield more experience, as an example:

  • A cow that is killed by a player will yield 1-3 XP orbs.
  • A cow that is bred by a player will yield 1-7 XP orbs

Players are able to breed certain mobs and animals easier than others. Farm animals such as cows, pigs and chickens are among the easiest animals in the game to breed, and players may want to make good use of them early on in the game in order to maximize their XP gain in Minecraft.

3) Smelting and cooking


Players looking to farm XP can get it from just doing things they would normally be doing anyway. When a player smelts down ore, or cooks food, they are able to gain XP. How this works is that the XP is given to the player upon removing the item from the furnace. There will be no orbs dropped, but the player will still hear the sound and see the XP gain when the item is removed. Some things to note:

  • Smelting different types of ore will give more XP
  • Cooking food will give the same amount of XP regardless of item cooked

For players looking to maximize their XP gain from smelting, they will want to target specific ores, such as iron ore, which will give .7 XP each and gold ore, which will give 1 XP for each one that is smelted.

4) Mining


In addition to players being able to smelt what they end up mining from their world in Minecraft, players can get some hefty XP early on with mining. It is recommended that players spend the first night underground mining items. This is not only for them to gain the valuable materials they need to progress in the game, but it also serves as a way to gain extra XP. There are certain rules of thumb:

  • Ore should be mined with a pickaxe, which will allow most ore that is mined to grant the player up to 5 to 7 XP orbs.
  • Diamond ore is the best ore in terms of XP, granting players up to 7 XP orbs.

Higher levels of pickaxe can increase the amount of XP a player can gain. This is partially because players can gather greater amounts of ore, and also because they will be able to mine faster. This is even more evident when players start enchanting pickaxes with efficiency.

5) Bottle o’ enchanting


Players looking for a quick and easy way of gaining XP can find just that in the Bottle o’ Enchanting. Though uncommon to find, players are able to use them like a splash potion, and when thrown on the ground they will grant players between 3-11 XP per bottle thrown. There are a few places where players can obtain them, but they can generally be found in the following locations:

  • Buried Treasure Chests
  • Pillager Outposts
  • Shipwrecks
  • Traded for at a Master level Cleric villager for 3 emeralds per trade.

An important thing to note is for these Bottles o’ Enchanting, they cannot be crafted by any means. They can be gained easily in creative mode, but for players in survival, they will have to locate them, or trade for them. But once a player has them in their possession, they make for a great way to gain some extra XP quickly.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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