Top 5 uses of shears in Minecraft 1.19

In Minecraft, players can access many unique tools that allow them to interact with different blocks and entities. Shears happen to be one of them as they can be used to mine several items or on certain mobs.

To craft shears in the sandbox title, you have to get your hands on two iron ingots, which should not be difficult. The performance of the shears can be further enhanced using enchantments such as Efficiency and Unbreaking.

However, this tool is rarely utilized to its maximum potential, and some players are even unaware of its existence. Here are the top 5 applications of shears in the newest Minecraft 1.19 version that prove their value.

Carved pumpkins and 4 other ways you can use shears in Minecraft, ranked

5) Cobwebs


Shears are required for mining cobwebs in the sandbox title. Even though webs do not play a valuable role, they can be used to set up a trap that will slow others down. Moreover, players designing a spooky house may utilize cobwebs as a decorative element.

4) Mine leaves


Beiing able to shear leaves occupies the fourth spot on this particular list because it gives you the chance to receive apples or saplings. While the former can be eaten as food, the latter may be used as fuel in a furnace. Also, like cobwebs, leaves can be used as decoration within the game.

3) Carve pumpkins


Using shears on a block of pumpkins in Minecraft results in carved pumpkins, and it is quite rewarding.

You can sport this item as a helmet. Even though it does not have armor value, it keeps Enderman from getting aggravated if worn when looking at them.

Carved pumpkins can also be used to make golems and as a crafting resource to create Jack O’Lanterns.

2) Collecting honeycombs


In Minecraft, you can use shears on a beehive full of honey to obtain three honeycombs, which are quite useful. With honeycombs at your disposal, you will be able to try new recipes and gain access to more items. Eventually, this particular beehive will regenerate honey as well.

However, make sure that you employ the shears only after a campfire is placed underneath the hive, or else the bees within will break out and attack aggressively. Exercising caution is a must.

1) Getting wool without killing sheep


Killing sheep in Minecraft is the most common way for players to obtain wool, an item that has many uses in the game. However, with shears, you can harvest wool from sheep without taking their life. You will be rewarded for your kindness because the sheep can then regenerate the wool by eating a block of grass, giving you a constant supply of wool.

With wool being a staple for crafting things like beds, banners, and more, this application of shears deserves the top spot.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s opinion.

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