Top 5 uses of cauldron in Minecraft (2022)

Cauldrons are one of the many job blocks in Minecraft, but they have several other uses as well. They can be crafted or found in the wild. Crafting them requires seven iron ingots, which can be a little steep for some players. Hopefully, a witch hut (which spawns with a cauldron) is nearby so the cost can be avoided.

Either way, once they are found or crafted, cauldrons are one of the most useful job blocks in the game. Many job blocks are used to give villagers a job and maybe have one other use, but that’s not true of cauldrons. Here are the best uses of cauldrons in Minecraft.

Cauldrons in Minecraft: How many uses for the job block?

5) Job block

A leatherworker needs a cauldron (Image via Mojang)
A leatherworker needs a cauldron (Image via Mojang)

The most common use is as a job block. Cauldrons will turn any unemployed villager into a leatherworker. These have pretty decent trades as they accept the following items from players:

  • Leather
  • Flint
  • Rabbit Hide
  • Scute

However, their true value lies in what they can give players:

  • Saddle
  • Leather Horse Armor
  • Leather Tunic
  • Leather Boots
  • Leather Cap
  • Leather Pants

This is probably the most common use of the item, but since there are better uses and better jobs for villagers, it doesn’t place all that high on this list.

4) Storing powder snow


This is the most recent use added to Minecraft. Powder snow is a relatively new part of the game. It was introduced in the 1.17 update and became very prominent in the 1.18 update. According to the Minecraft Wiki, this is a good way to get redstone power:

“A redstone comparator with a powder snow cauldron behind it outputs a redstone signal strength proportional to the fill level, up to 3.”

The only way to accomplish this is by having an empty cauldron in a snowy biome or when snow is falling. It will eventually fill up and can be collected with a bucket.

3) Potions


Unfortunately for Java Edition players, this is a Minecraft Bedrock exclusive feature. However, it is a pretty great feature. Normal, lingering, and splash potions can be placed in a cauldron. This can then be used to transform arrows into tipped arrows by using them on a cauldron with whatever potion is inside it.

2) Dying armor


One of the most popular uses for the cauldron block is actually exclusive to Bedrock Edition, since adding dye to water cannot be done in Java Edition. In Bedrock, any color dye can be placed on the water, and whatever level of water is in that cauldron will change colors.

From there, leather armor can be used on the water to dye it that color, lowering the level by one. To dye a full set of armor, Minecraft gamers will need to fill the cauldron again.

Additionally, clear water can be used to wash off dye from leather armor or shulker boxes. However, this is also exclusive to Bedrock Edition.

1) Storing water


The best use for a cauldron is also one of the simplest. A single water bucket can fill a cauldron with water. The water can then be dyed for other uses, but standard cauldrons filled with water are good to have.

The water there can be used to remove dye, fill water bottles (one per level), and more.

This is also the only way to get water in the Nether. A water bucket will dry up immediately, but placing water in a cauldron works. This can be the difference between life and death, given how prominent lava and fire are in the Nether.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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