Top 5 underrated building blocks to try in Minecraft (2022)

There are hundreds of blocks in Minecraft and the number is growing with each update. Most of these blocks can be used to build, even if they may not seem like stellar options. Dirt, sand, and even wood logs can all be very useful if players choose to try them out.

There are a lot of good building blocks in the game like oakwood and cobblestone. Other popular blocks include glass, terracotta, and stone.

There are plenty more options that might be overlooked since they’re not that common or aren’t often found in builds. Here are a few examples of underrated gems you can use to build something special.

Minecraft blocks that are underrated for builds

5) Concrete blocks


Concrete blocks are excellent building blocks. The only issue is that they’re not all that common, but are easy to acquire. They can easily match any other block as they are available in 16 colors in Minecraft. They look smooth and are the perfect building block.

Concrete is typically not used in early builds since it isn’t readily available like wood and stone. However, future builds should use concrete blocks and you may even consider upgrading your starter base with them.

4) Trapdoors

Each type of trapdoor available (Image via Mojang)
Each type of trapdoor available (Image via Mojang)

Trapdoors are often used for traps or for secret doors, but they’re almost never used for builds. Depending on the base type, spruce trapdoors, oak trapdoors or even jungle trapdoors can be the perfect accent block. They can be placed anywhere as they’re versatile too. Thus, they are also a good block to build with.

3) Chiseled stone bricks/ Stone bricks


Both chiseled stone bricks and stone bricks are severely underrated. The problem with using these Minecraft blocks is that it takes several steps to get to them. First, the cobblestone has to be smelted into stone and then crafted into stone bricks. It can potentially be crafted into chiseled stone bricks with a stonecutter.

They should optimally be used together as they complement each other. Using one in itself can be harsh, but the variety provides a softer look for a build.

2) Leaves


Leaves are perhaps the most perfect secondary block to use in a build. They shouldn’t be a part of the physical build, but surrounding the build with leaves that form a sort of perimeter is an underrated decision. It won’t go with every single build, but most of them can stand to have a shrub surrounding them.

To get the leaves, you need to have a shear. Simply breaking them will not drop the block. Use them on a tree’s leaves and they will drop instantly. This will deplete the durability of the shears, but it will result in plenty of leaves.

1) Cobbled deepslate


Cobbled deepslate was introduced to Minecraft in 1.17 and it instantly became the best building block. The reason it is underrated is because for so long, the cobblestone has been the go-to building block. Everything that makes cobblestone a good building block is pretty much true for cobbled deepslate, but even more so.

The biggest reason it’s such a good building block is that it looks great. The black color scheme is perfect for nearly any type of build. Travel deep underground and collect a lot of it whenever you want to build something in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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