Top 5 things to know about Spectator Mode in Minecraft

Originating in Minecraft: Java Edition 1.8, Spectator Mode is a way for players to observe their worlds without interacting with them.

The mode can be accessed in both Java and Bedrock editions of the game. It can be a very helpful tool for investigation.


Spectator Mode can be accessed in Minecraft through various means. This includes console commands, button commands such as F3 + N and F3 + F4, as well as using the Spectator Mode toggle in Bedrock Edition and entering the appropriate command. The mode allows players to clip through solid blocks and entities to view anything they wish.

While Spectator Mode is certainly helpful, there are certain things worth keeping in mind when using it.

Flight speed, mob view, and 3 other things to know when using Minecraft’s Spectator Mode

1) Spectators are completely invisible

Mobs and mob spawners won't notice a spectator when they draw near (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Mobs and mob spawners won’t notice a spectator when they draw near (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Players in Minecraft’s Spectator Mode won’t need to worry about upsetting mobs or triggering traps or mob spawners. For all intents and purposes, Spectator Mode users are completely invisible and don’t activate any blocks or things like pressure plates. However, spectators can still be targeted by commands activated by them or their fellow players.

Interestingly enough, though spectators are no longer visible in-game, they can still be seen using commands that apply the Glowing status effect to them.

2) Spectators are essentially immortal

Hazards such as lava cannot harm spectators (Image via Mojang)
Hazards such as lava cannot harm spectators (Image via Mojang)

While in Spectator Mode, Minecraft players are completely intangible. Though this makes them capable of passing through solid blocks, they can also pass through any and all hazards, including lava and fire. Any projectiles fired from hostile mobs or other players will pass directly through a spectator as well.


However, there are limits to the protection that Spectator Mode offers. If a spectator enters the Void, they will take damage and ultimately die. Furthermore, spectators can still be killed via the /kill command if they are targeted with it.

3) Flight speed in Spectator Mode

Spectators can fly even faster than those in Creative Mode (Image via Mojang)
Spectators can fly even faster than those in Creative Mode (Image via Mojang)

It’s certainly no secret that Minecraft players in Spectator Mode can fly. However, they can do so at increased speeds compared to when they’re in Creative Mode.

This is because spectators can increase their flight speed by using the mouse wheel or the sprint button. It’s possible to reach a maximum speed of 87.111 meters per second.

This can be incredibly useful for traversing a world and reaching a specific point quickly. The maximum flight speed does not slow down when passing through solid objects either, so it can be used to head deep underground.

4) Interaction with GUIs

Spectator Mode limits the interaction with Minecraft's UI (Image via Mojang)
Spectator Mode limits the interaction with Minecraft’s UI (Image via Mojang)

As an intangible entity, spectators are limited in their interactions with in-game menus and the UI.

For example, players in Spectator Mode can open their standard Minecraft inventory but not pick up, move, or place items. Additionally, loot chests cannot be opened, and players cannot pick up items on the ground when in Spectator Mode.


It’s important to note that these parameters are imposed in Minecraft: Java Edition. Those who play Bedrock Edition may have a different experience.

5) Mob view in Java Edition

A Creeper's vision in Java Edition's Spectator Mode (Image via Mojang)
A Creeper’s vision in Java Edition’s Spectator Mode (Image via Mojang)

While spectating in Java Edition, players can click or press the attack button on an entity. Doing so will allow the spectator to view the world through the eyes of the selected entity. This can be done for mobs, as well as entities like End Crystals, activated TNT, or even an armor stand.


Players can look at everything through the eyes of different mobs, many of whom have unique views of the world. For example, Creepers see the world through a green-tinted lens, while Endermen view things in an inverted color scheme.

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