Top 5 things to know about ravagers in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft features many different and exciting blocks that allow players to build almost anything they desire. However, there are also some very interesting creatures that are part of this amazing sandbox game.

With so many strange creatures, it can be overwhelming to keep track of what each mob does in the game. Some of these creatures, such as the ravaged, are very strong, and players will want to know exactly what they do so they can approach them with the knowledge they need to defeat them.

Ravagers in Minecraft: 5 interesting facts about the hostile mob

Here are the top 5 things players should know about ravagers in Minecraft:

1) Ravagers can only naturally spawn as part of an Illager raid


While players are free to spawn ravagers using spawn eggs during their time spent in Creative Mode, those who are playing in Survival Mode will only encounter them naturally during illager raids.

During the raids, the ravages will start to spawn during Wave 3 of the raid. These will be unridden ravagers who will begin attacking the villagers and the player.

Starting with Wave 5, ravagers will appear with pillagers riding them, but unridden ravagers can still spawn. Once players make it to Wave 7, a ravager ridden by an evoker will spawn.

2) Ravagers cannot be ridden by the player in Minecraft


Even though ravagers appear wearing saddles, players cannot ride them. This is because the only mobs that are able to ride them are illager mobs.

In addition, even if these mobs that are riding the ravager accidentally hurt it, the ravager will not attack them for any reason. This is true for both evokers who hit them with their fang attack or vindicators who may hit them with their axe.

However, this is not true for players, who will instantly incur the ravager’s wrath should they choose to attack it.

3) Ravagers can break blocks by charging into them


Ravagers are a very strong hostile mob and can dish out a lot of damage when they charge into battle to attack players and other mobs.

This includes the fact that their charge attacks can break certain blocks when they smash into them. However, the list of blocks varies depending on the version of the game the player is running.

In Java Edition, ravagers are able to break leaves and crops by rushing into them. In Bedrock Edition, they can break leaves, crops, non-tree plants, mushrooms, and turtle eggs.

4) Ravagers can deal a lot of damage to the player


It should come as no surprise that these large hostile mobs are capable of dishing out a hefty punishment to anything that stands in their way. Depending on the difficulty setting, ravagers can deal varying amounts of damage in the game.

In Easy mode, they deal seven damage, which is equal to three and a half hearts. In Normal mode, they deal 12 damage, equal to six hearts. Finally, in Hard mode, they deal 18 damage, equal to nine hearts. They also have a roar attack in each of these modes that deals six damage (three hearts) in an AoE radius.

Apart from dealing massive damage, ravagers can take a lot of punishment as well. They have 100 health or 50 hearts worth of life. To make matters worse, they also have a decent amount of knockback resistance and can make short work of an unprepared player.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to suit up with enough armor and weapons to take them down before starting a raid in Minecraft.

5) Ravagers provide an achievement for defeating them in Minecraft


Considering how difficult it is to battle a ravager, players are awarded in a few different ways upon defeating one. Defeating a ravager drops 20 XP and a saddle, which is unaffected by the looting enchantment.

If this is the first time a Minecraft player has slain a ravager, they will receive an achievement called ‘Kill the Beast!’ for their efforts.

What exactly are ravagers in Minecraft?


Ravagers are large, hostile mobs that spawn inside of illager raids, and their only aim is to inflict pain on players, villagers, wandering traders, and iron golems.

When a ravager attacks, it can charge towards enemies within 32 blocks of it, dealing damage and knocking them back. In addition to this ramming attack, ravagers can also bite their opponents, dealing damage.

Even though ravagers can be a force to be reckoned with, knowing about their basic stats and abilities can help players be prepared to take them on.

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