Top 5 Minecraft biomes that deserve new features

Minecraft occasionally releases updates that make sweeping changes to biomes. For example, version 1.16 completely revamped the Nether, giving it several new locations and reshaping the ones that already existed. Many areas have received updates over the years to give them structures, new items, and more.

However, it’s been a while since any Overworld biomes that existed previously were dramatically changed by an update, and that probably needs to change. Adding new areas is great and always a good idea for Mojang, but they need to consider adding to the ones that already exist, too.

Several biomes are worthy of a revamp and this article will list the most deserving examples.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Top 5 Minecraft biomes that Mojang needs to update soon

5) Swamp


The Swamps are in desperate need of an update. They’ve been around for three years and while they’re not the same as when they first arrived, they are underwhelming. There’s very little reason to visit this biome right now.

Witch huts are decent buildings and the fact that the biome has an exclusive structure is great, but the creation itself isn’t. It can have a witch and a cauldron, neither of which are that rare.

Other than that, there’s nothing special about the Swamps, so they need to be updated.

4) Jungle

Jungle biomes have unique features (Image via Mojang)
Jungle biomes have unique features (Image via Mojang)

The Jungle biome also has an exclusive structure in Minecraft and it is better than the witch hut. There are also bamboo trees and ocelots that give players a reason to visit the area.

Aside from that, there’s nothing, and those things don’t entice players to stay. Jungles are great for exploration, but that’s not really the case in Minecraft. An update could easily remedy that.

3) Mushroom fields


Mushroom field biomes are incredibly rare, but they’re not all that great. While they are the exclusive home to mooshrooms, they don’t have much else. It’s so fun to find one, but once that initial novelty wears off, they’re not that impressive.

Giving them a structure or some other reason to live there would go a long way towards improving the quality. That’s a good place to start for Mojang. Most biomes, especially rare ones, should have a structure, otherwise there’s not much point in looking for them.

2) Beach

Beach biomes need an update (Image via Mojang)
Beach biomes need an update (Image via Mojang)

The beaches can barely be considered a biome. They occur when oceans meet other biomes and are largely made up of sand. This is where sea turtles can spawn. They do not do justice to real beaches, though.

For starters, Mojang needs to make them significantly bigger. Beaches are often huge, but the ones in Minecraft are so small it’s hard to even consider them as proper areas on their own.

Once the developers make beaches bigger, the possibilities will be endless. They could have sand castle structures and the mob life could include things like crabs, seagulls, and more.

1) Badlands


There is no biome in greater need of an update than the Badlands. Aside from their raw, natural beauty, and an increased chance at finding gold ore, they have nothing else going for them. That’s truly a shame, given how cool they have the potential to be.

What really makes the Badlands the most deserving candidate, though, are the possibilities. Minecraft players have made mock-ups of saloons and deserted ghost-town structures that would fit perfectly in the biome.

The Badlands are the most “Western” biome in the game and as a result, could be the most fun with a few updates. There could also be special mobs and other exclusive aspects to make the area more enjoyable after the surprise of finding one wears off.

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