Top 5 Minecraft 1.19 seeds for beautiful landscapes

Minecraft is a game that is all about exploration and discovery, and there’s no better way to do that than to set out on an adventure with one of the many seeds present in it.

A seed is a randomly generated number that determines what sort of world you’ll be playing in, and they can be customized to generate specific types of terrain or even recreate real-world locations.

While there are nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to seeds, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorites for gamers who want to explore some of Minecraft’s most beautiful landscapes.

5 best seeds for beautiful landscapes in Minecraft


Seeds can be one of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft. In fact, for those who discover something cool in their world, or just want to live in it with their friends, these string of numbers are the answer.

Participants can enter seeds when they are creating a new world under the World Options part of the creation screen. To use one, they will want to make sure they are using the proper selection for their version of Minecraft, because a seed for Java will be different than Bedrock.

In addition, they should make sure they are running Minecraft version 1.19 to get the most accurate results from the seeds given below.

1) Beautiful mountains and rivers (-654622009)

Mountains and rivers seed (Image via Chunkbase)
Mountains and rivers seed (Image via Chunkbase)

Mincrafters who love to be in the thick of nature will love this seed. Upon spawning in, they will immediately notice the beautiful forests that are surrounded by sprawling rivers that congregate into a large open area of water.

This spawn point is also a great place to start out, due to the fact that not only are there a few villages nearby, but a ruined portal for quick access to the Nether as well.

For those who want to get their treasure hunt on, to the west there is a large amount of buried treasure for them to explore, as well as shipwrecks for them to plunder.

2) Into the forests (86464699)

There are many forests nearby in this seed (Image via Chunkbase)
There are many forests nearby in this seed (Image via Chunkbase)

This seed is perfect for those who long for exploration as well as beauty. Spawning in, they will find themselves in a beautiful bamboo forest, surrounded by a few other types of natural life, including a large birch forest that opens into a large field via a plains biome.

On top of that, they can go hunting for a lot of treasure with just a short walk to the beach up north, where there are tons of hidden goodies buried beneath the sand.

This is a great seed for many reasons, but many will love the beauty here.

3) Seaside plains (14357966)

Players spawn beside the sea in this seed (Image via Chunkbase)
Players spawn beside the sea in this seed (Image via Chunkbase)

Spawning on a plains beside the sea, gamers will instantly be treated to some stunning views of the deep ocean biome. In addition to this, just a quick turn to the side will show the multiple forests that surround the area, which add to the beauty of the spawn point.

Those who venture just a bit through the forest, will find a beautiful river that creates a peninsula where they can set up camp and have amazing views of the surrounding areas.

4) River run (-640148519)

This seed has lots of sprawling rivers for players to explore (Image via Chunkbase)
This seed has lots of sprawling rivers for players to explore (Image via Chunkbase)

This seed spawns you in the middle of a large plain where you are surrounded by multiple rivers that flow in all directions, creating a beautiful aesthetic. In addition, the flowing mountains and taiga in the area directly north of spawn create a scenic backdrop for any base of operations.

In addition, a ruined portal and village sit nearby for players to be able to have some shelter and a shortcut to the nether. However, before they head out to visit the hellish dimension, they may wish to head to the east, so that they will be able to dig beneath the ground for a multitude of buried treasures.

Finally, gamers can dig beneath the spawn area to get their hands on some diamonds.

5) Savannah safari (-555748382)

Go on a savannah safari with this seed (Image via Chunkbase)
Go on a savannah safari with this seed (Image via Chunkbase)

This seed spawns builders in the heart of a beautiful savannah biome in Minecraft. With the lush rolling land and backdrop, it makes a great place for any players who want to go on a safari.

In addition, there is a large ocean monument that is directly west from the spawn point, which is also a beautiful ocean where they can take in the views of the area right off of the savannah.

Once they are done hunting the Elder Guardian and getting some prismarine, they can then head northwest to get some treasure from a multitude of treasure chests hidden beneath the ground.

Explore the beauty of Minecraft with these seeds

Those looking for beauty in Minecraft will find it with these five seeds. And with so much to explore in each lush world, they will be able to spend hours admiring the beauty as they explore all that is on offer.

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