Top 5 glitches that still work in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft is a game based not only on building wonderful creations but also on surviving in the harsh wild. For this reason, players must be well-equipped with food, shelter, tools, and weapons.

Finding these items in Survival Mode can be a chore. Sometimes, going into Creative Mode to get extra items isn’t an option or just isn’t preferred.


Fortunately, certain glitches can make items easier to find in Survival Mode and even enable players to duplicate them.

When players duplicate items, they should always ensure they have a backup of the world on which they perform the duplication method. This can help prevent losing entire worlds in case something goes awry.

Listed below are the five best glitches that players can still use in Minecraft 1.19.

Disclaimer: These glitches have been tested in Minecraft Java Edition 1.19 and are not guaranteed to work in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Ranking infinite villager trade duplication and 4 other amazing glitches that still work in Minecraft 1.19

5) String Duplicator


A string is a great item for players to collect in Minecraft. It can be used to create multiple items, including fishing rods, bows, and wool. One can also use it to trade with villagers for extra emeralds.

In the video above, a string duplicating machine uses a glitch that causes four string to drop if players place three blocks of string and run water across them to break them. Using this machine, one can generate a lot of string to craft items or trade for emeralds.

4) Boat X-Ray Glitch


The X-ray glitch is one of the most well-known types of glitches in Minecraft. It allows players to see through the walls or the ground and look into the distance to see where valuable ores have spawned.

To make this work, players should dig a hole (two blocks tall and one block wide) in the wall through which they want to see. Next, they should get into the tunnel and place a boat down on the ground.

Players can then consume a Potion of Night Vision and push the boat into the wall, revealing the nearby ores in the darkness.

3) Infinite villager trade duplication


Villagers are a great source of items in Minecraft. Many players know that villagers only have a limited stock before they run out of items to trade. This is, of course, intentional to keep the game balanced. However, there is a way to circumvent this limit, should a player be inside a multiplayer game.

First, a player should get into a boat with a villager they wish to trade with as a second passenger. Another player will come up to the villager and initiate a trade. The first player (the one in the boat) should then log out. This will also cause the villager to vanish.

The player who is trading can make all of the trades they wish. When the first player (who was initially on the boat) rejoins, and the villager returns, they will still have a full stock of items.

2) Boat Chest Duplication


Duplicating items can be a bit tricky to do in Minecraft. This duplication glitch requires two players and a boat with chest to work properly. The first player should get into the boat, while the other player should interact with the chest.

The player interacting with the chest should place and remove the item they wish to donate in and out of the chest as fast as possible. They should do this over and over again. As this happens, the player sitting in the boat should log out.

Sometimes, when the player logs back in (boat with chest included), they will find that the item is both inside their chest and in the other player’s inventory.

1) Crawling X-Ray Glitch


When crouching in Minecraft, players can do much more than just creep along.

For this glitch, players will need a small 1×1 area, a piston, and a slab. To begin, they must crawl into the space before placing a slab in front of them and a piston behind it.

Players can then use a lever to activate the piston and push themselves under the slab. This will cause their vision to be clipped and activate X-ray vision.

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