Top 5 cool bugs to try in Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition

Bugs in Minecraft are anomalies that are simply not supposed to be in the game. They break it in many ways; however, some are quite fun and harmless to try out.

Almost every game experiences bugs and glitches, and Minecraft is no different. The game’s team at Mojang is constantly working to improve the title and get rid of unintentional inclusions like the ones listed below. Since the bugs mentioned in this article might be gone in the future, players are advised to use them as soon as possible.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Minecraft Bedrock: How to experience five best bugs in-game

5) Ender dragon duplication


Possibly one of the most dangerous bugs on this list, it allows players to duplicate the ender dragon. This must be done after beating the creature at least once since the glitch requires an End gateway to work.

Once the dragon is dead, players must respawn it using End crystals. After this, they need to lure and trick it into going inside the End gateway. Doing this multiple times will allow numerous dragons to spawn on the outer edges of the island.

4) Slimy boat


This one is a pretty interesting and fun bug. As players might know, slime blocks are a type of block in the game. This glitch requires players to set down a small layer of slime blocks and place a boat on it right in the middle.

Once this is done, all gamers have to do is climb onto the platform and walk over the boat. They must then jump on the boat a few times and enter it. Doing so will cause both to fly high into the air and come back down with a bounce.

3) Armor stands are “alive”


Armor stands in Minecraft Java Edition do not get destroyed when dropped into lava. They just keep burning, displaying the effect shown by netherite items when they fall into the hot semi-liquid.

However, the armor stands in Minecraft Bedrock are bugged as they’re affected by status effects. This enables them to burn in lava, which they do in a manner similar to how a player burns, takes ticks of damage, and dies by falling sideways.

2) Void spawning


In Minecraft’s Java Edition, players who log back in after logging out spawn at the exact spot they were at when they did the former. The game does not take any measures to ensure that gamers spawn on a safe surface. This can often lead to players taking damage or even dying as soon as they are generated.

However, in Bedrock Edition, the game’s code makes sure that the spawning location is safe before a player is brought in. Unfortunately, though, if the gamer has previously logged out of the title while standing in an area that is unsafe, there is a high possibility that the game will spawn them in the void.

An example of this can be seen when a player logs out of the game while standing on a glass platform situated above a lava pool. This prompts the game to spawn the individual inside the void, which is lethal for survival gamers.

1) Swimming in air


This Minecraft bug involves the player swimming but in the air. In order to achieve this, gamers must first make sure that they have a platform above their heads. Their best bet is to make a long row of blocks that would serve as a ceiling, using which they can successfully perform the aerial swimming action.

In addition to this, they will have to make a small room at a high altitude. This room has to be filled with water and will be used to start the swimming process.


Once a platform has been established, players need to start swimming against the ceiling and then press and hold the jump button. As long as they keep holding the jump button and have a platform above their heads, they won’t be yanked out of the bugged activity.

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