Top 5 changes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s latest update

Minecraft Bedrock is a version of the game used on mobile devices and different consoles. While it does have a PC variant, titled “Minecraft for Windows 10,” Java Edition has served as the primary PC version of the game for years.

Both editions of the game are regularly updated, and recently received an update for the latest version. The update, titled 1.18.12, only focused on some bug fixes, including pathing an experienced farming glitch.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.12: 5 best changes and fixes

5) Player movement made smoother

This change addresses every character model’s movement in the game. The description of the bug says that in the previous version, which was 1.18.10, the in-game models had a “choppy” animation for their movement. Lagging was a constant issue, with player models “twitching” when running.

4) Realms: “Invite to Game” button always enabled


Quite a simple chance. Previously, the “invite to game” option in the game’s pause menu was not enabled. The new update makes it so that the button will now be enabled at all times.

Realms is a subscription-based service in the game that allows players to host or own their very own server. This will enable them to invite up to 10 friends to play together at no extra cost.

3) XP glitch patch


One of the biggest glitches present in the 1.18.10 version of the game was an XP glitch that allowed players to farm experience points at an incredibly fast rate. All players needed was a furnace, a blast furnace, or smoker, along with blocks or items that could be smelted or cooked.

From there, they had to open the furnace and keep placing and removing one set of items in and out of their third hotbar slot. This would net players an infinite amount of XP. Fortunately, the glitch was patched in the 1.18.12 update.

2) Game crashes on PlayStation on launch when connected via Remote Play


This bug did not allow some PlayStation players to launch the game, as it kept crashing right at launch. Players were stuck on the menu screen, after which an error popped up and took them back to the PlayStation home screen. This issue has now been fixed.

The video above is by the person who made the original bug report to Mojang, along with video evidence.

1) Marketplace hotfix


This issue dealt with the rating counts and offered tiles of different items on the Minecraft Marketplace not showing up for users.

The rating counts and offer tiles are two of the most essential functions of the Marketplace and help a user decide if they want to purchase or download a particular item from the Marketplace or not. A hotfix has been issued for this problem as of the 1.18.12 update.

Minecraft has a ton of different versions. While the game’s Java Edition has taken over the PC platform by storm, the Bedrock edition focuses on almost every other platform since MCPE or the game’s “Pocket Edition” was also inducted into the Bedrock Edition.

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