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Mojang has already dropped Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release 2, just a day after their first pre-release version. This means that the next minor update for the sandbox game is nearly complete and will be released very soon. Pre-releases are the last stages of the process before an update, where Mojang checks and fixes minor details before releasing the official version.

With the first pre-release, the developers also announced that if everything goes as planned, they will release the 1.19.3 update on December 6, 2022. This update will feature some interesting new features like Piglin heads, new Vex designs, mob heads on note blocks, and more. Interestingly, the Minecraft 1.20 update features will also be made available, but only under the experimental resource pack.

Complete patch notes for Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release 2

As is the case with every snapshot and pre-release, Mojang has published a small list of patch notes. This list reveals what has been changed, added or fixed in the latest beta version of the game. This is ideal for any player interested in diving deep into every change and addition that Mojang makes to the sandbox title.


Here are the complete patch notes for Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release 2:


  • When tabbing through buttons, tooltips are displayed above or below them
  • Tooltips displayed when hovering are displayed next to the cursor
  • Tooltips from focused buttons (focused by pressing tab) take priority over tooltips from hovered buttons
  • Optimized some exceptionally slow cases of structure lookup


  • Creepers can’t be ignited with a fire charge
  • “Place pack files here” hover text on pack selection screen shows everywhere when “Open pack folder” button has focus
  • Bees get stuck on non-full blocks
  • Some shorter mobs can attack Players on a Camel
  • The “Data Collection” button in the telemetry menu displays its hover text regardless of the position of the cursor
  • Villagers rarely close doors after going through them
  • Buttons within the list in the social interactions menu display their hover text regardless of the position of the cursor
  • The draft report icon isn’t present on any of the “Title Screen” buttons within the death screen when attempting to disconnect from worlds while having saved draft reports

How to download Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release 2

Even though it will say 'snapshot', it will be Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Even though it will say ‘snapshot’, it will be Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Downloading the Minecraft 1.19.3 pre-release 2 is a simple task if you already own the Java Edition game version. Simply open the official game launcher and head into the ‘Installations’ tab. Here, enable the snapshots by checking the box in the top right corner of the page.

Return to the main page and open the version listed beside the ‘Play’ button. Here, you will find ‘Latest Snapshot’ with ‘1.19.3 pre2’ written underneath it. Simply select it and hit Play. The launcher will automatically download all the necessary game files to run the game. Remember to always create a new world in these beta versions as it can sometimes corrupt existing ones from other versions.

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