TommyInnit confirms he has a girlfriend in latest YouTube video

Minecraft YouTuber TommyInnit has confirmed that he has a girlfriend in latest YouTube video and fans are really happy about them.

The popular English Minecraft streamer made the announcement on his channel after teasing the video for some time.

The announcement has sparked a lot of reactions among his fan base and many took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

TommyInnit confirms he has a girlfriend in 2022

TommyInnit is officially taken as he has just revealed that he has a girlfriend!

In a five-minute video, the YouTuber and Minecraft streamer announced his partner to his 11.8 million subscribers over the weekend.

TommyInnit revealed that his girlfriend goes by the nickname “Em” though he hasn’t confirmed her full name or identity at this time.

While he hasn’t revealed a lot about his partner, the streamer was in great spirit and couldn’t stop gushing about thei relationship.

The video is the tenth most trending clip on YouTube and has amassed plenty of comments and reactions from the social media star’s followers.

Fans happy for YouTuber’s relationship

Many of TommyInnit’s fans are genuinely happy for his relationship and a number of them shared messages of love to the new couple.

“Seeing Tommy being himself with her is somehow so so endearing, I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time,” one follower wrote under the YouTube video. “They’re meant for each other, I hope they have an amazing future together!”

“It’s so cute how much tommy can be himself around his girlfriend,” a second one commented. “I don’t really watch him but I’m living for his relationship already.”

Another one added: “He’s one step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a family channel.”

A fourth subscriber chimed in: “I’m so happy he found someone he can be himself around and doesn’t have to change for.”

Video comes after TommyInnit streamed with ‘girlfriend’

TommyInnit’s announcement has come after he shared a livestream on Twitch earlier this simmer titled Minecraft with My Girlfriend.

Fans were hoping they could finally see his girlfriend and things got a lot more interesting when fellow Twitch star Olive Sleepy hopped on the stream.

During the stream, the two online stars role-played as a virtual couple, leading to a lot of reactions and speculations among their fans.

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