This Game Is Like Minecraft Meets Halo

This is one is for all those who love Minecraft or Halo. This game just combined those two completely different games, and it looks awesome.

Sector`s Edge
Looks kinda like Halo Gameplay in a Minecraft world… | ©Vercidium

Yes, you heard right, there is a game on Steam that combines the two classic games Minecraft and Halo. That’s why it includes features of both games, which is a weird mix. But it looks amazing. Enough talking, let’s take a closer look at this game.

Minecraft and Halo Combined In One Game

The game is called Sector’s Edge and was published by Vercidium at the end of October 2020. It’s a 3D, FPS-game, where you can destroy structures like houses or cranes. In my opinion it looks like you’re walking in a Minecraft world, but instead of building something, you have to shoot your enemies to win.

This sounds very interesting, but also a little bit weird. You don’t believe me? Then check out this Tweet here. There you can see how the game works.

Sector’s Edge Details

You should check out Sector’s Edge, it’s actually tons of fun. The special feature is, that the whole game map is destructible, and that creates some crazy fun chaos. Here are some of the available game modes, which we recommend:

  • Salvage: It’s similar to what you know from CoD. Your team has to contest a specific section on the map. Whatever team stays the longest in this circle, wins the round.
  • Static: This is a 3v3 mode, all players spawn with the same loadout and have to fight against each other. The team who survives the longest, wins.

Sector’s Edge also has a weapon menu, like many other shooter games. There you can customize your own weapons or pre-build your walls. A shooter where you can build? Sounds a lot like Fortnite! But this feature is also closer to Minecraft, with different options of placing different blocks. So, you can construct your own safety room or use some blocks to reach the high ground.

Hop on Steam, download the game and play it for yourself.

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