The Minecraft Mob Vote Suggests Mojang Wants More Golems

Over the past few years, the Mob Vote for Minecraft has become a highly anticipated event among fans. A common type of mob that has appeared as an option in a couple of the polls was a new type of golem. In the 2021 Mob Vote, a type of golem called the copper golem was offered by Mojang. Now 2022’s Minecraft Mob Vote has new mobs to choose from, including a mob called the tuff golem. The copper golem from last year’s poll didn’t win among fans, but it looks like Mojang is pushing for more types of golem for players to interact with in Minecraft.


There are not currently many types of golems in Minecraft. As is, the game has the iron golem and the snow golem. Both iterations of golems in the standard version of Minecraft are made by players using certain blocks and generally serve the purpose of fighting enemies that attack the player. Other than those, there is also a golem called the agent that is exclusive to Minecraft: Education Edition. With the golems in the Mob Vote, Mojang seemingly wants to expand the purpose of golems to other roles than attacking and defending. If it wanted to, Mojang has plenty of options when it comes to new golems.

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Mojang Wants To Expand How Golems Work In Minecraft

The kinds of golems that Mojang offered in the Mob Votes are unconventional when compared to the golems already in Minecraft. The copper golem from the 2021 Mob Vote would have been attracted to copper buttons and would try to press them. The tuff golems from the 2022 Mob Vote would be able to hold items and move around with them. Both of these functions differ greatly from the combat-oriented iron golems and snow golems in the base game and suggest that Mojang wants to expand on how golems are used in Minecraft.

Mojang could take its current system of making golems and use that to come up with different golems with different functions. Golems in Minecraft are typically made by placing a jack-o’-lantern on top of a certain type of block. Mojang could play around with different combinations of blocks to create many kinds of golems. To name a few, golems made of rarer metals could be more powerful versions of the iron golem and a golem made of wood could help cut down trees. There are endless ways that golems could help with automation.

Mojang Could Use Golems From Minecraft Spinoffs

Mojang’s implied desire to add more golems to Minecraft could be seen in the many golems that were added in the game’s spinoffs. Minecraft Dungeons featured numerous kinds of golems as enemies and allies. Some golems included key golems, Redstone golems, obsidian monstrosities, and squall golems. The many kinds of golems in Minecraft Dungeons could easily find a place in Minecraft. Some of these could be crafted by the player, much like iron golems and snow golems, while others could be found as random encounters.

In addition to Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang’s love for golems could also be found in Minecraft: Story Mode. These golems were created by the character Romeo and acted as a challenge for other characters in the story. Unlike many of the golems in Minecraft Dungeons, players can see how these golems were created. Mojang had a good idea of how these golems were built, and they wouldn’t be hard to add to the main game. For example, the magma golems are built with magma blocks and jack-o’-lanterns similarly to iron golems. If Mojang wants to include more golems outside its Mob Vote, it already has plenty of ideas to work with.

The Mob Vote is a great opportunity for fans to influence Minecraft directly. Mojang has some genuinely great ideas for the mobs, and it’s a shame that the Minecraft Mob Vote losers go unused. Since Mojang has added golems to the vote in the past couple of years, it is clear that it wants to add more golems to the game and change their functions. The many golems in the spinoffs seem to confirm this while opening options for new golems. The 2022 Mob Vote is not yet finished, so maybe Mojang will finally get the chance to add a new golem.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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