The Minecraft Avatar Legends DLC release date has been announced

Following numerous rumors in the past, Mojang and Microsoft have finally announced the release date for the Minecraft Avatar Legends DLC pack. Many Avatar Legends fans will be thrilled with the next Minecraft collaboration, which adds the worlds of Aang and Korra to the Minecraft Marketplace.

Minecraft Avatar Legends DLC is set to release this December

With the release of a new DLC, Mojang is integrating the worlds of Minecraft and Avatar Legends, inspired by the television show Avatar: The Last Airbender. And although Nickelodeon treated The Legend of Korra less than favorably and some of the worst episodes were brought on by production issues, the series still seems to be strong and attracts new viewers.

If you’re not familiar with the Avatar Legends, this show is set in a universe where some people practice bending, a type of telekinesis, which allows them to control elements including water, earth, fire, and air. Since it debuted more than a decade ago, many gamers won’t be aware of this series.

The information comes from the game’s creator Mojang’s official Twitter account, which shared the release date and a banner depicting the four new characters. The newest game expansion, Avatar Legends, is now accessible in the Minecraft marketplaces and will be formally released on December 6, 2022.

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Unfortunately, additional details haven’t yet been made public, so we’re not yet sure what exactly is contained in this DLC. Avatar Legends will add at least four new character skins to the game, each of which will represent one of the final four Avatars in the sequence, from Kyoshi and Roku to Aang and Korra.

If you grew up watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Minecraft Avatar Legends DLC may bring back fond memories for you. Though the potential additions with each DLC pack in a game like Minecraft, where users may create their infinite world, may appear limitless.

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