The Best Survival Games for Android

Survival games are projects whose main task is survival in dangerous conditions. Often, players survive in a post-apocalyptic environment, fight zombies, or survive some other cataclysm. Unfortunately, most of these survival games for Android give players a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness because gamers can usually rely only on their strength in such projects.

Survival sims often take on the theme of Robinson, placing the player character on a deserted island or wilderness and leaving them to find food and water, set up shelter, and defend themselves from danger. About what survival games mobile are now at the top, read below in our article.

Last Pirate – Best Game Android Survival

We want to start our top with a project from the RetroStyle Games studio, Last Pirate: Island Survival. According to the idea of ​​the authors, you have to play the role of a pirate whose ship was wrecked, and its wreckage, like the whole team, was washed up on a mystical island that turned out to be inhabited by all kinds of monsters. So now you must try to survive as long as possible and destroy the maximum number of creatures.

The gameplay looks in the best survival apps games classic style – crafting, pumping, health control, thirst, and hunger. However, detailing is also high because the game looks dignified and colorful, even on small displays.

Pirate themes are rarely combined into the survival genre. However, the game looks entertaining and interesting against the background of the usual zombie apocalypse in megacities or nuclear winter. As a result, the project takes pride in place in the game design portfolio of the studio and confirms this title with more than 10 million+ downloads on PlayMarket.

Last Pirate RetroStyle Games


Sheltered is a 2D survival adventure game. In this game, the usual set of survival craft games Android techniques, including a post-apocalyptic world and a crafting system, and you collect a bunch of resources to build a shelter and feed yourself. However, this one adds the Oregon Trail style because you have a family to protect, clothe, and feed. At your own risk, you can send your family members in search of supplies, and sometimes the decisions can be quite difficult.

The game adopted a similar concept to the 60 Seconds project! related to the family, which is quite interesting since this feature has not been seen among the top survival games for Android before.

ARK: Survival Evolved

This mobile version of the famous survival game invites us to go back to the world of the Jurassic period when dinosaurs almost completely owned the Earth. We must play as one of the ancient people who coexist with these huge and dangerous reptiles. What distinguishes this world from modern technologies well known to us from history?

Of course, it is through interaction with dinosaurs that the basic survival simulation games Android gameplay of ARK: Survival Evolved is built. Here you can kill and tame and breed them, creating new subspecies of reptiles with the characteristics you need using artificial selection.

Another advantage of the project is a well-thought-out system of Tribes, which allows not only to unite with other players but also to jointly build grandiose defensive structures that can withstand not only the invasion of a neighboring tribe but also the attack of a terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is one of the most popular open world survival games Android. Your task is to survive and thrive in the savage wilderness. Failure to do so will result in your quick and untimely death. As with most games in this genre, you’ll have to collect resources, use the environment to your advantage, and do whatever it takes to survive. However, the charm of this game is in the little extras and supernatural elements that make it different from wild survival games.

This War of Mine

A project from the Polish indie studio 11 bit studios, in which we will plunge into the atmosphere of the Balkan wars in the first half of the 90s. Here you will not only have to survive in the besieged city, getting food, medicines, fuel, and building materials to insulate and protect your shelter but also constantly make morally difficult decisions. One big advantage of This War of Mine is that you can play survival game on mobile even without the Internet.

Minecraft Survive Game Android

Our top would not be complete without mentioning the famous Minecraft from Mojang. For more than 10 years, the game has been at the top of the leaderboards: it has been downloaded 10 million times on Android and rated 4.6 stars on Google Play.

Minecraft is a building and survival game in a randomly generated world. Here you will collect materials, build structures, craft items, breed pets and kill monsters. The game is not only entertaining but also encourages creativity to go further and discover more in-game content.

In Minecraft, the player has almost limitless possibilities, and the developer regularly releases updates to make the in-game world even more interesting to explore. Of course, updates also apply to mobile versions of the game, which makes the game one of the most popular.

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