The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (August 2022)

To beat the summer heat, what else is better than cooling off inside your house while playing Minecraft? From a seed with tons of Ancient Cities at spawn to a bunch of maps with inviting watery goodness, here are some of the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19 seeds for August 2022.

1. Lonely Island Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (August 2022)

  • Seed: -180712982499944018

Speaking of the summer heat, of course, we need something that can cool us off — if not physically, then at least mentally by looking at serene and inviting waters on the screen. What would be better than wasting some time on your very own lonely island? Credit goes to u/Heliozz0. This seed works for both Bedrock and Java Edition.

2. Lots of Villages Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (August 2022)

  • Seed: -1307195662400911752

If you’re looking for a seed that comes with lots of Villages, then look no further than u/Charlie0105‘s. In any direction you head to, you should be able to find settlements in a matter of minutes.

3. 18 Ancient City at Spawn Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (August 2022)

  • Seed: -7519546105455534082

Looking for some easy way to explore the new Deep Dark biome? Then you come to the right place. Courtesy of u/smokes-his-weed, it’s not wrong to call this one of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds this August 2022 if you’re looking for Ancient Cities, because you can instantly find more than 18 of them directly after you spawn.

4. Best Minecraft 1.19 Survival Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (August 2022)

For those who’re looking for survival maps, Reddit user u/tylerofcool recommends this one. This one starts you off near a Ruined Portal and you should be able to easily find Villages with Blacksmiths in it. This seed could work for both versions 1.19 and 1.18, in case you haven’t updated your game yet.

5. Unique Mansion and Terrain Generation Seed

  • Seed: 2625328716742122581

You might already be familiar with YouTuber Minecraft & Chill, but it never hurts to go back to one of his collections since they’re all pretty interesting to look at and play around with. Credited to Kyle Cuaron, this seed has a really cool-looking, cozy mansion surrounded by weird terrain generation. Check them out at 1896, 125, 500 coordinates.

6. Huge Mansion by a River Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (August 2022)

Another map that would cool you down and let you relax this summer. At the -930, -4, -494 coordinates, you can swim and sail on a river, take a break inside a huge mansion nearby, then go on an adventure inside a Lush Cave directly below. Credits to ashh.xk for finding this perfect summer retreat.

7. Isolated Panda Jungle Island Seed


Need more water-filled seeds? Want more pandas? Then this one is for you. Minecraft & Chill found a very interesting deserted island filled only with bamboos, cute pandas, and parrots.

8. Scenic Snowy Village Seed


  • Seed: -2389457811431121472

The last one from this month’s Minecraft & Chill’s collection. From @gaspoweredpick, comes an extremely unique Village on top of a very scenic snowy mountain. This seed also works on the Java Edition. Of course, you can still the other maps from his collection on the Unique Mansion and Terrain Generation Seed video above.

9. Abnormal Bastion Remain Seed

A vast display in Minecraft

  • Seed: 6123698275739311980

With this seed from Reddit user u/2Rnimation, you’ll find many interesting things; from six blocks tall Cacti, as well as a Ruined Portal and a Bastion Remnant just 700 blocks away from it once you reach a Village at 177, 63, 108.

10. Lush Cave with Ancient City

Bedrock in Minecraft

One of the best most beautiful cave biomes that you’ll see in this Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.19 August 2022 seed list, this also includes a few exposed mines and an Ancient City. For more details, check out our general Best 1.19 Seeds guide.

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