Technoblade’s farewell is the top trending YouTube video of 2022

On 1 July 2022 a video called “so long nerds” was uploaded to the channel of hugely popular Minecraft youtuber Technoblade (opens in new tab). It was posted by family and was a farewell video announcing his death, in which his father read a script written by Technoblade before making his own tribute. It almost immediately became the top-trending video on the platform and, in its round-up of the year, YouTube has announced (opens in new tab) it was the most-watched video of 2022 with 87 million views.

YouTube talks about Top Trending videos to reflect the platform’s culture and personalities because, if you just went with the simple metric of ‘most views’, something like Baby Shark would probably be at the top every year. Technoblade’s channel had around 10.8 million followers when it was posted: this now stands at 15.6 million.

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