Technoblade Fans Raise $500,000 for Cancer Research to Honor Late Minecraft Streamer

Minecraft fans and fellow content creators manage to raise $500,000 in honor of the late Technoblade, who died of cancer in June 2022.

Fans of the late Minecraft content creator Technoblade recently raised $500,000 to donate to cancer research. The 23-year-old Minecraft streamer passed away on June 30, 2022 after a long struggle with stage four cancer.

Technoblabe started his Minecraft YouTube channel in October 2013. He was known for playing a pig character wearing a crown in the game. His popularity grew further when he joined the Dream SMP server, where he had a friendly rivalry with fellow Minecraft streamer Dream. Right now, Technoblade’s YouTube channel has over 15 million subscribers, while his Twitch channel has over 866,000. His last video, titled “so long nerds,” was posted by Technoblade’s dad to express his gratitude to his fans and the friends he made throughout the years.


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Since Technoblade’s passing, his community, along with other Minecraft streamers such as Dream and TommyInnit, have spent months raising money for cancer research. They successfully reached a total of $500,000, which will be donated to the Sarcoma Foundation of America. Technoblade apparently supported the non-profit organization and its goal to fund research to raise awareness about sarcoma in order to help patients.

The SFA also published a “Technoblade Tribute” on its website. The organization expressed sadness over Technoblade’s recent death, stating that he will be forever in their hearts after his personal battle with sarcoma. It acknowledged the efforts of his community in raising $500,000 in the last few months, and also honored the late Minecraft content creator with the Courage Award during its 20th Annual Stand Up to Sarcoma Gala last September. SFA ended its tribute with a hopeful message for patients fighting cancer. Donations are still open on SFA’s website for those who want to help with its ongoing advocacy.

In the past, Minecraft developer Mojang Studios paid respects to Technoblade by adding a bejeweled crown to the pig in the Java version loading screen. Fans appreciated the subtle update as it showed that the people behind Minecraft were also grieving and celebrating Technoblade’s life.

The recent donation to SFA is further proof that the Minecraft community wants to keep Technoblade’s legacy alive. With Minecraft still one of the most popular games among players of all ages, fans still flock to the Dream SMP streams and YouTube videos to support Technoblade’s friends. They could also revisit his past YouTube videos to see his past builds and speed runs. Technoblade is certainly an example of a young content creator who left a mark on his community despite being gone too soon.

Minecraft is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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