Super Smash Bros. Fan Creates Playable Version of Game Inside Minecraft

A Minecraft fan has created a playable version of Super Smash Bros. inside Mojang’s sandbox game. While Super Smash Bros. players saw the cancellation of one of their biggest tournaments, they may get a kick out of seeing the game recreated in Minecraft.

Minecraft entertains players with its Creative Mode, where players have the ability to create almost anything they want. For this, there are features such as mods, shadders, and data packs, which add various visuals, controls, and gameplay, basically turning Minecraft into another game. The result is seen in gigantic buildings, the reproduction of iconic anime locations, and playable versions of other games. One fan took advantage of Minecraft’s resources to create their blocky version based on one of the best-known Stages from Super Smash Bros., Nintendo’s famous fighting game franchise.


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Redditor McEMau5 has posted on the Minecraft subreddit their Super Smash Bros. stage based on the Pokemon Stadium arena. This stage features several custom items and allows players to select their class, as well as provide three different jump types. This version also has the damage system from the Smash games, where the player is thrown further away the more damage they take. The Redditor also added another mechanic: their version alternates between four different Stages, just like in the Pokemon Stadium arena. With Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s interesting to see Super Smash Bros. represented in Minecraft.

Answering questions from the other Redditors, McEMau5 said that the map is being created in Minecraft version 1.19.2 and will continue to be updated as new versions of Mojang’s game are released. The player also revealed that the map will be released for download, but because it is a work in progress their estimate is that the map will need another year before it is ready. Another impressive feat is that the map was created using command blocks and not data packs. This allows the player to further customize the experience with data packs that add biomes in Minecraft, and other features including recipes, functions, and structures.

The relationship between Nintendo and the competitive gaming community is complicated, which has seen other Smash Bros. tournaments canceled on different occasions. One Redditor commented “cease and desist from Nintendo in 10 business days” on McEMau5’s post, recalling the company’s complicated relationship with derivative works from its IPs. One example was the parody game No Mario’s Sky, renamed after being shut down by Nintendo. Despite this, the Smash community is still active and promoting its own tournaments, in which another Redditor suggested running Smash tournaments in Minecraft after McEMau5 posted the work.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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