Star Wars Fan Recreates Iconic Locations From the Series in Minecraft

Players have made plenty of impressive things in Minecraft, arguably one of the best sandbox games of all time, and a very talented Star Wars fan used its building blocks to recreate some of the most iconic locations from the saga. Given Minecraft‘s reputation as being the virtual haven for LEGO builders and aficionados, the fact that there is a lot of overlap between Star Wars fans and Minecraft players should surprise no one.

The storied history of collaboration between Star Wars and LEGO goes back several decades, and even within the video game industry this collaboration yielded some of the best LEGO video games of all time. However, Minecraft is a different beast altogether, and though official collaboration between the two intellectual properties remains scarce, fans have ceaselessly tried to recreate the Galaxy Far Far Away within the charming voxel world of Minecraft. No project or scope is too large for these dedicated builders, as the community has produced entire Star Destroyer fleets in Minecraft.


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This time around, Minecraft builder and Star Wars fan Vistachess recreated Coruscant, Tatooine, and other places from the Star Wars universe – with shots practically lifted straight from the films. Every possible detail was accounted for, from the moss growing on the temples of Yavin 4, to the shape of the cliffs surrounding the arena on Geonosis. This impressive project took Vistachess two years to complete, and was met with nothing but praise and bewilderment by the Minecraft community on Reddit.

The total amount of planets that Vistachess made for their Star Wars project is ten, with a few of them (such as the volcanic planet of Nevarro) coming from The Mandalorian television show. It seems that Vistachess aims to make the locations a part of a larger Minecraft adventure map, as they have also built custom NPCs, ships, droids, and even lightsabers to go with it. Though the project seems far from finished, a playable version of the Tatooine and Coruscant maps is available for download, with Naboo coming next.

Though its builders have relied on and broken through the game’s constraints over the years, Minecraft is releasing Update 1.20 in January next year, with many of its changes specifically catering to the creative minds of the community. Features and additions such as decorative mosaic blocks, chiseled bookshelves, and hanging signs will only help to inspire more players to build wondrous worlds – whether original or loving tributes.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit

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