Spider-Man, Majin Buu, Minecraft Steve, Mario, Bulma, Darth Vader, and more seen wrestling in Animist’s stop motion videos

We’ve seen plenty of great stop motion animations from Animist before. This individual seems to have a real talent when it comes to bringing figurines to life with his videos.

In a recent Tweet, Animist showcased a compilation of some of his clips that had a number of unique crossovers. As such, characters that us fighting game fans should be familiar with ended up performing a bunch of wrestling moves on one another.

During the first scene of Animist’s compilation, we can see Piccolo standing Spider-Man up. Once Spider-Man is on his feet, Piccolo then proceeds to perform a lariat that forces the Marvel hero back into the ground.

A lot of this compilation appears to pit the two most notable team fighting games, Marvel vs. Capcom and Dragon Ball FighterZ, against one another. A later clip has Captain America pulling off a body press against Super Saiyan Vegeta.

However, it seems that Spider-Man gets the worst of it as Majin Buu performs his own body press against Spider-Man from an elevated position. Based on Spider-Man’s reaction, you can really tell how Majin Buu’s weight is really adding to the damage inflicted from this technique.

We also get to see Minecraft’s Steve pulling off a body press against Mario. With how things are going at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments right now, some could argue that this is a befitting scene that perfectly depicts the game’s meta. More specifically, Fighters Pass Vol. 2 characters, especially Steve, have been terrorizing the base roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in recent times.

There’s also a particularly strange scene where Bulma is taking on Darth Vader, a Star Wars guest character that appeared in Soul Calibur 4. Check it all out below:

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