Spectator Mode improvement, bug fixes, and more

An update was recently released for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition version 1.19.40. It implemented many fixes and improvements, making the game more similar to its Java counterpart.

The list of changes is considerably long, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the most notable additions and fixes.


Some of the biggest fixes and improvements include mob interactions, player movement while sprinting, as well as the properties of many blocks and how they work with each other.

Much of the update was aimed at bringing Bedrock Edition more in line with Java, as well as improving overall performance and reducing crashes for console platforms.

Performance improvements, gameplay alterations, Pocket Edition touch controls, and other significant changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.40

Average hostile mobs should no longer spawn in Bedrock's Ancient Cities (Image via Minecraft Bug Reporting)
Average hostile mobs should no longer spawn in Bedrock’s Ancient Cities (Image via Minecraft Bug Reporting)

A massive number of small but significant changes have arrived in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.40. Mojang has detailed each of them in a post on the game’s official website.

Some of the changes are for players who are more familiar with technical jargon and the inner workings of the game. Meanwhile, others are more notable for those who aren’t interested in the more nuanced aspects of how the game works.


Java Edition Parity Improvements

  • After being killed by a renamed weapon in the hands of a mob or another player, your death message will now reflect the weapon’s new name.
  • Roofed Forest, Mutated Savannah, and Birch Forest biomes have had their grass color changed to resemble Java Edition.
  • Mobs should no longer spawn within the confines of an Ancient City structure.
  • Sweet Berries can now be planted on farmland.
  • Bubble Columns are now as strong as they are in Java.
  • Scaffolding placed in a smelter will now contribute to 25% of an item’s progress before being burned.
  • Wither Skeletons can now spawn within Wither Roses.
  • Hunger depletion has been reduced while swimming to compare to Java.
  • Ravagers have had their collision boxes and movement speed to match Java. They can also be damaged by Evokers’ fang spell.
  • Librarian Villagers can now offer enchanted books enchanted with the Curses of Binding and Vanishing.
  • Mud blocks have been improved. Players swimming under them should no longer have their vision obstructed. Furthermore, projectiles that hit mud blocks won’t shake, and amphibious mobs have had their pathfinding improved on mud.

Spectator Mode Improvements

  • Spectators will no longer drop XP orbs when they die. Their experience levels also won’t reset upon death.
  • Water fog has been re-introduced for spectators.
  • Spectators no longer make sounds when interacting with bubble columns.
  • Shulker bullets no longer track a player in Minecraft’s Spectator Mode.
  • Spectators are now invisible to ordinary players.
  • Spectators will no longer influence mobs despawning while other players are on a server. Additionally, mob despawning is placed on hold when all players are in Spectator Mode.


Performance Improvements

  • Several crashes have been fixed for Playstation 4 and Minecraft: Pocket Edition platforms.
  • All Bedrock platforms now have the ability to use the Clear Cache button in their Storage Settings. It should clear Marketplace folders and resolve issues downloading content from the Minecraft Marketplace.
  • The Wither status effect is no longer reduced by a player’s armor rating.

Significant Gameplay Changes

  • It is now possible to sprint diagonally instead of only straight forward.
  • Grove biomes are now properly classified as cold biomes, and villagers who spawn there will be in their appropriate snowy variants.
  • Fall damage no longer accumulates while a player is in a trapdoor block at the top of a bubble column.
  • When using VR snap camera movement, a fix has been implemented to keep players from moving in the wrong direction.
  • Baby villagers will once again accept flowers from Iron Golems.
  • Large fungus stems no longer overlap partial blocks growing from Nylium.
  • Water will no longer brighten when waterlogging certain blocks.
  • Fixed longstanding issues with redstone blocks releasing incorrect signals as well as sticky pistons causing problems near a world’s build limit.
  • Guardians no longer accidentally float in the air.
  • Tamed mobs can now follow Minecraft players through End Portals.
  • Mobs within boats, and the boat itself, cannot change dimensions as long as the boat is occupied.
  • NPCs can be given a nametag with no name, which will hide the nametag above their head.
  • Falling blocks no longer shatter when landing on double slabs.
  • The Enchanting Table’s book will now appropriately face the player.


UI Improvements

  • Non-Nintendo Switch platforms have had their “Clear Account Sign In Data” button removed from the main menu.
  • Minecraft’s Profile settings screen has been split between General and Account settings.
  • Text-to-speech support is now accurately reflected on the death screen.
  • Readability for text surrounding “Darkness Effect Strength” and “Notification Duration” accessibility options has been improved.
  • Copying coordinates on the gamepad now uses the correct icon depending on the player’s platform.

Realms Functionality

  • Text has been shortened when uploading worlds and add-ons.
  • Crashing should no longer occur when Minecraft players upload custom add-on packs to their Realm.
  • When connecting to a Realm with an outdated client, Minecraft players should no longer see text from outside of their text localization.


Touch Controls For Pocket Edition

  • Various bug fixes have been applied for the new touch controls scheme in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
  • The layout of the toolbar and status effect icons has been adjusted.
  • Minecraft players can now auto-jump out of water when near a ground block when auto-jumping is enabled.
  • Dragging and dropping with touch gestures has been implemented for the inventory screen.
  • In Joystick Controls, double-tapping the “descend” button now deactivates flight.
  • After closing the inventory, the inventory icon for touch controls reverts to its basic appearance.
  • Images for all three control schemes have been improved in the touch control settings menu.

Many more improvements and fixes have been made to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with this update. Several technical, AI, and block geometry changes have arrived, along with a slew of other fixes.

Players who are curious as to what these more nuanced changes are can check out Mojang’s original post via Minecraft.net.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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