Santa’s LEGO workshop helps kids embrace their creativity

Rexburg, Idaho (KIFI)- The Romance Theater in downtown Rexburg hosted Santa’s LEGO workshop this weekend. Rexburg Kiwanis club threw the event and invited kids aged 12 and under to use their imaginations by building a Christmas themed Lego Build. Participants competed against each other for a chance to win one of eight unique LEGO sets.

Kiwani Club member Jane Taylor says the event is a favorite tradition they were happy to bring back. “I believe this is our seventh year. We did miss this one with COVID, but we’ve jumped around over locations in town because it continually grows each year. And as you can see, has been pretty packed today. I think we could use more space even.”

She says it’s a great kickoff of the holiday season for many of the local families. “You combine them with the tree lighting and Santa’s being here and just some fun with the Legos and seeing them kind of create just whatever their imagination, you know, takes them.”

She says as she is so busy making sure the event goes by smoothly she doesn’t always see so many of the creations. “What’s really fun is to go through each one of the photos, because here it’s crazy. I don’t see many of the creations. I mean, I do. It’s to just take them apart so that there’s more Legos for other kids. So I do like to kind of see what was built and what was made because they only have about 15 minutes. But some of these kids make some pretty awesome stuff.”

And the Kids who participate in the event are very proud of what they are able to create. Tommy and Clay Kunz each participated in the workshop. Tommy says he built Santa a new ride, “I built the spaceship.” His brother tried to capture a different side to Kris Kringle. “I built Angry Santa.”

The Kunz kids said playing with the LEGO was their favorite part of the night and they couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Maeser also built some lego creations in the workshop. He says his car of multiple colors has some symbolism behind it. “The orange is Lava, like in Minecraft. And the purple in Mario one, is like the stuff that sinks them, and you lose a life underneath. The Black one is obsidian, the blue is water and the yellow is probably the sky.”

He also said he had a great time building his multi colored car.

Taylor says during the Kiwani’s next club meeting they will vote on the different lego creations. She also hopes to bring it back next year as well.

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