Rumoured LEGO Minecraft 2023 set could focus on new biome

More details have surfaced online about a rumoured LEGO Minecraft set for 2023, suggesting it could be related to a new biome.

Existing LEGO Minecraft sets cover various areas of Minecraft, from jungles and ice tundras in the Overworld to the fiery depths of the Nether. In The Wild 1.19 update released in June, 2022, a brand new biome was released, along with its own enemy mob to battle with – and this could be the focus of a rumoured set.

Using information sourced from Jedijacpenguin and Eldorado-international, @lego_minecraft_goat reported more details about 21246 on Instagram, including a potential set name, price, and piece count. If it proves to be true, the set will be called 21246 The Deep Battle, suggesting LEGO Minecraft is journeying into the Deep Dark.

Minecraft The Warden
Image: Universespy via Minecraft Wiki

The latest new biome in the game features blocks in dark blue and green and plays home to sculk blocks and the Warden. Players must be quiet and sneak around to avoid attracting the attention of the blind but incredibly powerful Warden, who is virtually impossible to kill even with the best possible equipment.

The name The Deep Battle suggests that the Warden could also feature in the rumoured set. The set is expected to contain 584 pieces and cost $64.99, one of the more expensive sets from the rumoured upcoming wave.

Here’s a reminder of every LEGO Minecraft set rumoured for 2023. As ever, we need to take this information with a pinch of salt until we get confirmation from the LEGO Group.

LEGO set Price Pieces Release date
21240 The Swamp Adventure €9.99  65  January 2023 
21241 The Bee House €19.99  TBC  January 2023 
21242 The End Arena €24.99  TBC  January 2023 
21243 The Frozen Peaks €34.99  TBC  January 2023 
21244 The Sword Outpost €44.99  TBC  January 2023 
21245 The Panda House €49.99  TBC  January 2023 
21246 The Deep Battle $64.99  584  January 2023 
30647 TBC TBC  45  January 2023 

Featured image: ArcDusk via Minecraft Wiki

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