Redditor creates an improved in-game Minecraft menu using mods

Minecraft’s main menu has remained the same for years, but one Redditor has taken it upon themselves to give it a substantial facelift.

User Ariaversa took to r/Minecraft to post a short video showcasing the impressive main menu they had created, featuring an animated opening, buttons, and background. The post was titled, “With a couple of mods, collecting gifs from the internet, and a couple of cups of coffee, I made Minecraft main menu a little bit interesting.”

The main menu created by Ariaversa looked incredibly professional, and it didn’t take long for other Redditors to chime in with their thoughts.

For the most part, the community was very impressed with the new and improved main menu.

Reddit community shares praise and critiques of Ariaversa’s remade main menu in Minecraft


The immediate reception to the newly-made Minecraft menu was overwhelmingly positive. There were certainly critiques here and there based on preference, but most fans applauded the renovation. Considering Mojang hasn’t changed the game’s menu considerably in years, the revision was considered a welcome change.

The modded main menu was evidently created using the mod Fancy Menu and its collective addons. While many players praised the creation, others had some criticisms.

Among them were that the animated buttons were considered too much and that the main menu was a bit too dense with visuals and sounds. Some commenters also pointed out that the menu is dark, which is in tonal conflict with Minecraft’s brighter, upbeat mood.

The biggest criticism appears to be aimed at the animated buttons, which are quite visually dense.

Many Redditors suggested that the buttons could be animated only when the mouse hovers over them in order to cut down on visual clutter. Ariaversa didn’t specify if this was possible via Fancy Menu, but it would certainly be an intriguing idea for the menu’s overall aesthetic.

Some players also took umbrage with the loud intro sound before the main menu is accessed. They considered it jarring, unnecessary, and quite creepy for a lighthearted game like Minecraft.

After the critique offered by the community, Aeriaversa replied and said they’d work to create a less cluttered and jarring main menu.

Several players also remarked that they’d be more than willing to download the modded menu if made available. However, it’s unclear how this would work since the menu utilizes Fancy Menu and image assets that were likely stored locally.

It’s always good to have critique mixed in with positive reviews, as it pushes modders and creatives to refine their ideas. Perhaps this Reddit post will inspire other fans to create their own custom menus using Fancy Menu.

Sharing creative projects like this enhances the community as a whole, and perhaps Ariaversa’s next revision of the main menu will be even more impressive.

A game that rewards creativity emboldens its fans to exercise their innovative sides, and the community is vastly improved for it. Time will tell what interesting creations the fans on social media will come up with next.

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