Playstation Games That Have The Most Trophies

Depending on the type of player you are, PlayStation trophies can mean everything or nothing to you. They can give you a huge sense of accomplishment, especially when you get the Platinum, or they can just be neat little things that occasionally pop up without you trying. Sometimes, they can even serve as the perfect reason to play your favorite game for the umpteenth time.

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There are games that really test your patience and make you work for the Platinum, not necessarily in terms of difficulty, but simply because of the sheer number of trophies you can unlock.


7/7 Driveclub

A screenshot showing a race in DriveClub

You might not expect racing games to have so many trophies, but Driveclub has 128 trophies for you to unlock if you have all the DLC. Sadly, the game was delisted in 2020, so you can’t buy it digitally anymore. However, physical copies of it are available for purchase.

But if you’re a trophy fiend, you should note that some trophies are tied to online play, and Driveclub’s servers are no longer online, making them forever unattainable if you haven’t already gotten them. If you don’t particularly care about the Platinum, though, Driveclub’s trophies are relatively easy to get. They include things like driving for a certain number of kilometers or reaching certain Driver Levels.

6/7 Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight Scourge Hook Trickster grab

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer asymmetrical horror game that’s always being updated with new content. Even just the base game gives you 62 trophies to unlock, but if you’ve gotten all the DLC, you’re looking at a whopping 203 trophies.

Most of them you’ll be able to get the better you become at the game, but some require you to go out of your way for them, like the ones where you need to escape as a certain survivor using their three unique perks. It also has specific trophies for every killer, so being good enough at playing all of them might be a challenging time.

Elder Scrolls Online character trailer

Though The Elder Scrolls Online was released all the way back in 2014, it’s still going strong today as an online multiplayer role-playing game. With all the content you get in this game, you probably won’t run out of things to do anytime soon. But if you do, there are 154 trophies for you to conquer.

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You get many of them just by completing the main story’s chapters and generally exploring the world. But some are a little trickier, because the game isn’t afraid of asking you to defeat certain enemies without taking any damage to unlock a trophy. Still, it’s got a healthy balance of easy and challenging trophies.

4/7 Train Sim World 2

A train on the rails gameplay of Train Sim World 2

If you thought Dead by Daylight had a lot of trophies, this game beats it with a total of 411 if you have all the DLC. The third game in the series also has a lot of trophies at 183, but Train Sim World 2 beats it by more than double the amount. If you’re looking to Platinum this game, you hopefully really like trains.

But with all the trophies Train Sim World 2 has, most of them are similar to each other and not too hard to get. You get them just by leveling up, completing chapters and tasks, and earning medals. You’ll probably get a lot of them just by playing the game normally, but still, over 400 trophies is a lot.

3/7 Hitman 2

47 holding a pistol whilst standing on a roof behind his Sapienza safehouse

Sadly, Hitman 2 doesn’t have a Platinum trophy to get. But the good news is that it still has a ton of trophies to achieve. In total, Hitman 2 has 146 trophies with its DLC. Just because this game’s missions all consist of assassination doesn’t mean you’ll have nothing else to do.

There are the standard trophies for completing missions in single player and multiplayer, as well as accomplishing them on harder difficulties. But there are also ones for killing your targets in creative ways, which brings a lot of fun to the game when you see things play out differently to achieve the same result.

2/7 DJMax Respect

A song being played on DJMax Respect

If you like rhythm games, DJMax Respect and its DLC have a lot of tracks for you to play. And with those tracks come 128 trophies. You can unlock some trophies just by playing the game, but you might have to consciously challenge yourself if you want to get them all and unlock the Platinum.

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DJMax Respect lets you choose how many buttons you want to use for songs, with fewer buttons making playing tracks simpler. But if you want all the trophies, you’ll have to be able to clear songs with up to eight buttons. Other than that, you’ll have to work on getting high MAX combos and S ranks. Truly, this game tests your rhythm skills.

1/7 Minecraft

Minecraft Steve with a bunch of animals

It’s no surprise that a game with infinite possibilities like Minecraft would have a lot of trophies. It has only one less trophy than DJMax Respect, coming to 127 trophies. Many of them are awarded to you just for doing basic things for the first time, but those that aren’t will give you an opportunity to further explore the mechanics and world.

You might find out about certain things to do through these trophies. However, some of them are just plain weird, and you probably wouldn’t think about doing them on your own, like eating nothing but Kelp for three days. If you are that weird, though, it just means the trophy for it will suddenly pop up and reward you for it, which is pretty cool.

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