Paper Minecraft Models Bring The Game To Life Like Never Before

A Minecraft fan has brought the digital into the real world using hand-crafted paper models to craft a house straight from the game in real life.

Minecraft has been brought to life by a fan using paper models to create an in-game house in the real world. The Minecraft community has a long history with creative builds both in and outside the game, with creative players constantly finding new ways to capture Mojang’s blocky landscapes in real life.

Twitter user Kamichika has shown off their unique Minecraft model in a video showcasing how the paper-like materials were used in its building. Much like LEGO-inspired Minecraft blocks, the pieces used to bring the digital creation to real life are small, physical, blocks. These blocks are made from small magnetic cubes that are covered in paper carrying various designs. Each of these designs has been borrowed from the in-game textures found in Minecraft and ranges from dirt and grass blocks to wooden ones. Each of these hand-made blocks links together with their built-in magnets and a satisfying snap as the corresponding in-game sound effect plays.


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Creative Minecraft Projects Shows How The Game Continues To Inspire

Screenshot of the Minecraft title logo with a variety of mobs and players on top of a mountain.

Kamichika has been posting videos on their YouTube channel, KamiCH, showing a wide variety of different paper Minecraft builds. Their videos have showcased builds ranging from simple homesteads to more complex towers with hundreds of blocks used in their creation. In addition, Kamichika also includes the occasional DIY video for fans so they can try these builds themselves. These videos contain links to downloadable images that make crafting these small blocks easy for anyone to attempt.

Bringing Minecraft to life has been done with bedroom and interior designs before, and this paper model has had many interested in purchasing blocks of their own. The pull of tactile block-building sets is something fans of Minecraft have been eager to feel for themselves. While Minecraft does offer plastic building blocks through LEGO and other toymakers, the visual of a paper craft used in this way is unique and might encourage clever players to try and replicate it with their own twist.

Minecraft players have been known for their ingenuity and ability to think outside the box. It’s clear that players are always searching for that next feat of creativity, and it will be interesting to see how far they can reach into the real world for their inspiration. Attempts at bringing Minecraft to life span from The Office pranks to home decor, showing that the possibilities of bringing Minecraft to life are endless.

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Source: Kamichika/Twitter, KamiCH/YouTube

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