Official LEGO Legend Of Zelda Set Could Be In The Works

Recent changes to the LEGO Ideas system regarding fan submissions for Legend of Zelda-based LEGO sets may indicate that an official set is on the way.

Recent official responses to Legend of Zelda-based submissions as potential LEGO sets have prompted speculation that an official Legend of Zelda LEGO set may be in the works. The LEGO Ideas system allows fans to vote on fan-made sets, with the possibility of these eventually becoming official LEGO products. Franchises like Ghostbusters have become official LEGO sets this way, with LEGO ultimately deciding which sets will make the cut.

As reported by Brick Fanatics (via Video Games Chronicle), Zelda fans submitting their LEGO set ideas to LEGO Ideas have recently begun receiving automatic rejections, which cite a “license conflict” as the basis for the response. This has led to theories that an official LEGO set based on the long-running gaming franchise may be in the works, similar to previous LEGO sets based on Super Mario characters and locations. However, as Mario-based submissions currently receive a differently-worded rejection, which instead mentions a “third-party overlap”, it could be that another company has picked up the license instead.


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The Legend Of Zelda License May Have Gone To A Non-LEGO Company

Link opening a treasure chest in The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors.

The LEGO Group is actually one of many companies which produce building block-based sets. Other such companies include MEGA, which has produced a successful line of Pokémon-based sets using its own take on the archetypal toy. It could very well be that MEGA has now acquired another major Nintendo property to add to its lineup. LEGO meanwhile, in addition to its Super Mario range, has also produced innovative products such as a LEGO NES set complete with hidden Easter egg.

Fan-made LEGO set designs have made a splash in a wide variety of fandoms over the years, ranging from film and television to, of course, video games. These include some successful LEGO Ideas submissions, such as a set based on Sonic the Hedgehog’s famous Green Hill Zone level. But whether or not they are made official, it is undeniable that LEGO’s emphasis on creativity has seen an abundance of amazing video game set ideas from all kinds of fans. This has led, for example, to some crossovers with games that hold similarly inventive philosophies, like the sandbox game Minecraft. One fan has even recently made a Minecraft-themed homage to an official Mario LEGO set.

Whether it is through the actions of the LEGO Group, or if another company like MEGA is involved, it certainly seems likely that some kind of Legend of Zelda merchandise is on the way. This will doubtlessly be welcome news to fans, who may soon be able to build a little piece of Hyrule for themselves. Of course, without any official confirmation, this does remain mostly speculation, but the new automated responses from LEGO Ideas do indicate that something has recently changed behind the scenes at LEGO.

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Source: Brick Fanatics (via Video Games Chronicle)

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