New Minecraft update brings a variety of new features

The newest update to Minecraft has now launched across all platforms, giving us an insight into the future of the LEGO Minecraft theme. 

Since its full launch in 2011, sandbox video game Minecraft has gone from strength to strength. The title (which drops players into a procedurally generated world they can build within) has allowed players to flex their creative muscles to an astonishing degree. Even now, it enjoys around 140 million active users each month. 

Minecraft has continued to receive updates over the years, which introduce new biomes, tools and creatures to populate its world. The latest one is known as 1.19, or the Wild Update, and brings some exciting new features. These include mangrove swamps (populated with frogs and various plants) and the Deep Dark, an underground realm containing sinister creatures. 

The LEGO Minecraft theme has generally kept pace with the game that inspired it, with new sets reflecting updates to Minecraft itself. As such, it seems likely that we’ll get some new LEGO Minecraft sets that feature these Wild Update elements.

Mangrove swamps (and the frogs they contain) seem like safe bets, given the relatively straightforward nature of their design. Ancient Cities (found within the Deep Dark biome) are also likely to appear; the LEGO Group hasn’t shied away from Minecraft’s underground realms, or the fearsome monsters they contain.

Of course, until these features trickle down to the LEGO sets, we’ll have to make do with the sets we have. Luckily, five new ones are now available for you to enjoy.

(Header image: Minecraft) 

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